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A vision behind a self-driving data center.

In our ever changing world with a mobile as an unmatched source and interaction of multiple data, services and applications, recalls that, we need technologies, methodologies, good practices and hardware that suit very well with this reality.
A self-driving data center can help us if makers focus on Deep Learning,Machine Learning combined with the Computer Vision to help data-centers to learn and experience minute-by-minute, over time how to better operate and safe themselves. 
In this dynamic, it is obvious that, these data-centers should leverage existing configuration management, cloud computing technologies, good methodologies (DevOps and Hadoop) and monitoring solutions to deliver inter alia automation and predictions.

Convergence entreprises et réseaux sociaux personnalisés: explications, réalités, nos recommandations et une solution.

Dans les économies matures et dynamiques comme les USA, le Canada, le Japon, l’Allemagne, la Russie et Denmark où, est très populaire et apprécié : les entreprises, les organisations et le secteur public ont de plus en plus besoin des conseils, des bonnes pratiques, de l’innovation technologique pour optimiser leur infrastructures et apporter en temps-réel les réponses aux préoccupations cruciaux qu’ils rencontrent : il s’agit donc de l’économie de l’intelligence. 
Du côté des pays émergents ou en développement, il y’a ce que, appelle le Leapfrogging, c'est-à-dire la capacité et la possibilité pour ces pays à bruler les étapes en optant en temps réel aux solutions et technologies qui correspondent le mieux à leurs besoins., est l’unique référence mondiale qui permet en temps-réel aux uns et autres de s’approprié cette réalité. 
Lorsqu’il s’agit convergence entreprises et réseaux sociaux personnalisés,, met e…

The Convergence of innovative technologies and intelligent business solutions for the public and nonprofit sectors: recommendations and solution.

The new IT Convergence excludes nobody; this technological trend combines all the intelligent factors, elements, tools, methodologies, technologies, skills and strategies we need, to help us in real-time apply: sustainable development, improve our living conditions, security, health and scope with the most challenging issues.
At the level of public and nonprofit sectors, it is vital to collect understand and manage information about critical infrastructures throughout the state, such as schools, water supplies, hospitals, airports and more.
This means increased access to important information about the state’s most vital systems and resources will result inter alia in better, safer responses for both the public and our first responders. salutes the new partnership between nFocus Solutions®, ( provider of software solutions for the public sector), and the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), with the goal to provide a powerful critical infrastructure management sy…

The new convergence of data by the side of the mobile operators: realities, recommendations and solution.

It is obvious and clear that, henceforth the new Telecoms Convergence reshapes and transforms the way mobile operators engage and service, subscribers in real-time. This means inter alia that, the challenges and advantages associated to this trend should being appropriated and understood by each mobile operator when it comes to drive business insights and actionable decisions.
APIs, usage data, network data, machine-generated data, and customer data are what, soon #Retinknow® calls: the new convergence of data by the side of the mobile operators. 
Within this ecosystem, Analytics and Deep Learning technologies and methodologies are the key when it comes to better understand behaviors, deliver satisfaction and reduce churn costs and risks.
A set of on-premise, license- and cloud-based models and platforms are available to help, but, soon #Retinknow® recommends mobile operators to focus inter alia on:
Analytics and Deep Learning solution that allows th…

The convergence of biometric-based verification card and electronic payment solutions.

In our new IT Convergence world combined with the increasing realities related to the new digital publishing convergence, we need and should require security, convenience, flexibility, competitiveness and privacy. 
This means, beyond the business realities that: legal, government agencies, regulatory and institutional mechanism should integrate , secure and harmonize all identity databases including the Driver’s License, Voter Registration, Health Insurance, Tax, and more into a single, shared services platform.
The agility, flexibility provided by the cloud computing technologies and the intelligence delivered by the Machine Learning and the Computer Visionallow us to experience in real-time infinite relevant services and knowledge we need. 
Therefore, when it comes to the convergence of biometric-based verification card and electronic payment solutions,, soon #Retinknow®, recommends inter alia:
biometric-based verification card with an electronic payment solution,

A user-generated content portal, a music streaming service and a converged infrastructure provider.

Henceforth via the explanation available here, you can deeply improve your knowledge, when it comes to technological startups and funding landscape, technological enterprises and innovators across the world. You can also fund your business.
Wikia,( Founded in 2006 by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, a user-generated content portal based in San Francisco), has raised $15 million in a Series D round led by Digital Garage with participation from previous backersAmazon, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Institutional Venture Partners along with strategic investors Asuka Investments, video game developer Tose, and former CEO of Sony Nobuyuki Idei., soon #Retinknow®, recalls that, Wikia is network of collaborative content on the web. Wikia has raised nearly $40 million to date and will use the latest cash to expand into Japan and other Asian markets.
KKBOX,( Founded in 2005, a music streaming service based in Taiwan), has raised $104 million from Singapore GIC with participation…