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Big Data Analytics for Smart Devices in the Car, Home, and Health

With, you discover each day that, companies have henceforth the real-time abilities to unlock, harness, analyze and to extract valuable insights from different data sources to make more informed business decisions.
They can also convert the data from thousands of connected things into actionable business intelligence and generate new revenue streams. salutes the new collaboration between Telit Wireless Solutions, and Agnik, when it comes to streamlined IoT applications and Big Data analytics for connected devices in the auto, home, and health industries. 
In our digital age where, the Internet of Things is already starting to transform businesses around the world, this new collaboration gets sense.
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Plan trips in advance, view the Traffic situation on the road and manage favorites

Real-time maps are become more and more indispensable in our digital age, where driverless trends, seamless experience, road safety, and the sharing economy, to name a few, pave their ways. 

TomTom(TOM2) has launched “MyDrive” to help you plan trips in advance, view the Traffic situation on the road and manage favorites.

The goal is to provide a seamless experience to end-users across their entire journey. salutes this initiative, a crucial component when it comes to improve your living conditions.

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Most exciting when it comes to enterprise software platform for content collaboration

The power and capabilities provided by the new IT Convergence including (cloud, big-data, analytics, IoT, mobile and social), are at the core strides that the enterprise software platforms for content collaboration can permit nowadays. 
Data is a new oil; so you need real-time, scalable and flexible abilities to engage with content and unlock new opportunities.
In this quest, using enterprise software platform for content collaboration can help prevent information leakage resulting from virus contamination and smartphone, tablet and PC theft and loss. 
It enables a more productive environment which improves project efficiency. 
Enterprise software platform for content collaboration can enable security, collaboration, and mobility across all teams. 
Advanced collaboration functions allow you and staff to work internally and externally regardless of time or location. 
The ability for you and staff to better share information and collaborate on any device expands the organization’s scope, rese…

Transform how your enterprises leverage digital technologies for competitive advantage.

As a worldwide reference for a streamlined end-to-end digital transformation for the companies and organizations of all sizes, with , you can also identify the stages, dimensions, outcomes and actions required for business to digitally transform their operations, organizations, products & services.
Use to Understand and Cope with the challenges and opportunities that digital transformation can bring to your enterprises. You can use to: Assess your capabilities and stage of maturity in digital transformation.Enable a dialog among business and technology executives about goals and actions relative to digital transformation initiatives.Identify areas of digital transformation capability that require strengthening.Establish standards for pursuing digital transformation initiativesWe live henceforth in a digital age; where the real-time ability to leverage digital technologies for competitive advantage is cr…