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The most interesting in the overall diabetic testing market

New form factors, such as contact lenses and skin patches, that are less invasive and more accurate monitoring devices are disrupting the overall market with a manufactures like Johnson & Johnson and Roche Diagnostics.
According to ABI Research, the overall diabetic testing market, which includes glucose meters and test strips, will exceed $17 billion in 2021, up from $12 billion in 2016. 
I can also observe that, existing glucose meter device vendors, such as Bayer and Johnson & Johnson, will increasingly have to compete against CGM specialists, including Abbott, Dexcom, and Medtronic.

Mobile Health Wearables in our ever-connected era

Unfortunately, the global diabetic population crossed half a billion, and it continues to grow. In response, one can observe that, device manufacturers, healthcare providers, and patients are looking for ways to manage this long-term chronic disease in an efficient and unobtrusive way
ABI Research finds wearable continuous glucose monitoring devices are paramount
It is interesting to see that, mobile Health wearable device manufacturers integrated the new, non-invasive CGMs and insulin pumps with cloud services, analytics tools, and predictive software to provide new types of pattern analysis in near real time.

Indispensable recommendations for Enterprise wearables

Enterprise wearables must be designed for use by different personnel. This includes factors like fit, portability, and battery life, as well as the need for an authentication mechanism to provision access to internal system information.

Accelerate embedded software development, debug and test across a variety of markets

A new momentum in the Imperas virtual platform environment with eSOLRTOS and Debugger Support, now available from Imperas for Software Development and Test. 
This partnership and the new capabilities aim to accelerate embedded software development, debug and test across a variety of markets, including automotive.

New all-in-one, portable live video production and virtual studio solution

At the core of stakes, we have the ability to quickly and easily setup, produce, and share a professional production with minimal staff and equipment. Live video production needs; the ability to create a 3D environment with 360° of virtual camera movement for a truly customizable virtual space; NDI Support, a built-in title editor, audio mixer, record and live-stream functions, and much more
In effect, ACME Video Solutions has revealed LiveStudio a new all-in-one, portable live video production and virtual studio solution which can be ideal for a large range of settingsfrom small to medium sized studios, live concerts, sporting events, corporate trainings and presentation, educational lectures, worship events and more!

Enterprise Wearables on Industrial and Field Service

Increasingly, wearables devices find their critical status in Industrial and Field Service; bring up indispensable flexibility.
For those who are unfamiliar, the fundamental difference between the consumer and enterprise contexts is that the current series of consumer wearables focus on the marginal and subjective value of convenience, while in the enterprise; they’re viewed as a tool.
According to ABI Research, the warehouse and manufacturing vertical, along with field services, represent one quarter of the wearable devices shipped to enterprise end users in 2016. The firm forecasts shipments to these segments will more than triple to top 35 million units in 2021.