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The most exciting regarding mobile wallets used in retail stores

One can observe that, the application of mobile wallets in retail stores increased rapidly in 2015-2016. The processing fee for transacting via mobile wallets is much lower than card-based transactions.

Mobile wallets used in retail stores offer customers with benefits such as coupons and loyalty points.
For those who are unfamiliar, they allow vendors to easily track and analyze consumer data. 

In effect, Retailers use this information to understand consumers’ demands and give consumers a better shopping experience. 

I can also recall that, Mobile wallets act as a bridge between the online and physical world. It helps users to improve their purchase decision-making process by giving them an opportunity to compare various products and read reviews simultaneously. It allows retailers to change their offerings based on a customer’s location, loyalty, purchase history, transactions, and preferences.

The future of wearables industry on this way

Globally, one can observe that, Buyers for smart wearables are limited as the main application for these devices is fitness, which is an area predilection of basic wearables, more affordable. 
In effect, Basic wearables continue to experience higher uptake as their already-low prices are still declining; driving differentiation war, in terms of functionality. 
Therefore, it is clear that, the focus of vendors should be on developing new applications and finding new ways to make use of the existing data captured by wearables so as to enable day-to-day tasks to be performed much easier.
I can also recall that, there should also be efforts to create an ecosystem of gadgets so that these devices can interact with each other and freely exchange information.

Nimbus Data’s Parallel Memory Architecture for Parallel Memory Architecture

At the heart of stakes, we have the ability to scale capacity and performance linearly within each ExaFlash system, offering latency and throughput performance up to 6x faster than scale-up designs. The ability to enable cloud providers and enterprises to build high performance data centers with the lowest possible operating cost. In effect, from the reality that, Conventional HDD-centric architectures employed by certain all-flash array vendors trap flash performance behind legacy shared bus and scale-up designs, I can observe that, new patented, Nimbus Data’s Parallel Memory Architecture aims to overcome the limitations of generic off-the-shelf servers, capturing the full performance potential of all-flash technology.

Water Resistant vs. Non-Water-Resistant Smartphones

We are just at the early stages of the dynamic: Water Resistant vs. Non-Water-Resistant Smartphones, now at the core of the smartphone industry.
According to IDC, Smartphones offering resistance against water damage (and other liquids) grew 45.2% year on year in the first nine months of 2016 in Western Europe, while shipments of non-water–resistant smartphones declined 17% in the same period.
The firm also reveals that, Water resistant smartphones reached 22.5 million units in the period to represent 23% of the total number of smartphones shipped in 2016 to date.
I can also observe that, the strong growth in this segment was supported by the success of Samsung and Huawei devices offering this feature and by the recently launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, both offering IP67.

Helps Organizations Respond to and Manage Ransomware

At the core of stakes, we have, the ability to automate and orchestrate, in real-time, the variety of actions organizations need to take in response to cyberattacks. Provide orchestration of incident response by adapting in real-time to the details of a cyberattack or other business threat, and enabling effective, rapid response to more sophisticated threat types. In effect, in our ever-connected data-drive era where Fast-moving, sophisticated threats like ransomware require new and actively adaptive response methods, Resilient’s DynamicPlaybooks brings up agility, intelligence, and sophistication with the goal to help you to respond to and recover from today’s complex cyber threats .