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MapR on its new Dedicated Enterprise-Grade Spark Distribution

Spark is increasingly at the core of each critical big data initiatives. The power of this open source technology is at the heart of stakes in the big data and analytics industry, so that a company as MapRTechnologies, Inc., is helping enterprises to leverage the power of Spark for their big data initiatives.
Its new enterprise-grade Apache Spark distribution includes the complete Spark stack engineered to support advanced analytic applications, along with patented innovations in the MapR Platform, plus key open source projects that complement Spark. 
The Spark-focused distribution for MapR can serve as a starting point to leverage the power of Spark as an essential component in a modern data architecture. 
One can also observe that the new distribution enables all advanced analytics including batch processing, machine learning, procedural SQL, and graph computation.

Strong cybersecurity to V2X systems and predictive safety apps

The move to V2X solutions requires that all communications from V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle), V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure), and V2P (vehicle-to-pedestrian) need to be strongly secure from malicious interference.
By combining its secure messaging technologies with Savari’s V2X predictive safety applications, Security Innovationaims to build the world’s most robust V2X system, making DSRC communications invisible from hackers.

Mobile Device Security to Italian Government and Commercial Markets

Strong mobile security solutions are now at the heart of our ever-connected world, so that, strategic partnerships that help streamlined each critical experience are a game-chnger. Therefore, InAuth, the device authentication and intelligence experts and AlmavivA, an information technology provider, work henceforth on a strategic partnership that will enable AlmavivA to offer InAuth’s InMobileTM device security, authentication, and risk detection solution for mobile applications through its mobile and cybersecurity operating divisions.

NextTrafficTM as a transportation Solution on Microsoft Azure Cloud at ITS European Congress

Smart city transportation solutions are increasingly part of our daily lives with the potential to improve traffic patterns, reduce congestion, contribute to economic growth and inter alia revolutionize city planning.
The launch of NextTrafficTM, a transportation and traffic management solution using Microsoft’s AzureTM Cloud, at ITS European Congress held in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom , brings up a combined CTS’ expertise in transportation payment and information technologies with Microsoft’s leadership in enterprise solutions.  For those who are unfamiliar, NextTraffic is a flexible and scalable cloud-enabled platform that can allow the collection, processing, monitoring, controlling and management of ‘’all’’ traffic elements on multiple computer networks in one source.

Construction Contracts and Payment Management Cloud Services to the Oracle ECI Cloud Platform

A new momentum for Oracle Engineering and Construction Industry Cloud Platform that can now leverage and tap into a new dynamic from Textura, a provider of construction contracts and payment management cloud services. For those who are unfamiliar, Textura offers its cloud services in a consumption model preferred by the engineering and construction industry whereby the companies involved pay based on project activity. 
Together, Textura and Oracle Engineering and Construction aim to have the most comprehensive set of cloud services in the industry.