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Enable Developers to Run Zero-Downtime Updates, Easily Connect to Streaming Data-centric platforms

Datasets from Twitter, Salesforce, and from others data-centric enterprises are henceforth at the hearth of huge stakes like downtime and service disruption that are not tolerated in our digital age.
So, henceforth, on Bluemix, IBM’s Cloud platform, developers have the ability to deploy software updates to cloud-based apps with zero downtime and no service disruption. 
It is also indispensable to recall that, multiple event streams can be aggregated within the Bluemix Message Hub; keep data separate, organized and easily accessible.

Coordinate Email, Web, and Mobile Experiences in Real-Time in our digital marketing age.

Our digital age is the age of the customer, reader, publisher, commentator and resilient user who need henceforth the end-to-end powerful personalized experiences.
When it comes to the jungle of ecommerce, it is now clear that, streamlined customer experience across all channels is required.
Brands, retailers and publishers also have to understand that, retention is widely possible through message consistency and relevancy. In fact, the challenges to delivering a seamless cross-channel experience include customer profile quality, a lack of understanding of messages and offers that will resonate, and the inability to deliver personalized messaging. 
So, it is inter alia: indispensable to coordinate personalized discounts based on an individual customer’s predicted purchase behaviors; to personalize product recommendations across all areas of web and mobile, taking into account inventory and margin.
For the informational purpose only, recalls that Sailthru, with its Person…

Lead Enterprises on Virtualization to Containerization Journey

The battle between Virtualization and Containerization has no place to stay in our digital age where we need streamlined experiences at each level.
At, we believe that, security, flexibility, performance, productivity and easy-of-use are the consensus.
StackEngine with its Container Application Center, an end-to-end container application management solution aims to help enterprises transition from virtualization to containerization. salutes this dynamic that can help developers, DevOps and IT operations teams inter alia benefit from: ·VMWare-like control and security, Docker-enabled flow, and collaboration, and container-native enterprise heterogeneity and security, ·Increase visibility into their containers and provide a secure and easy way to manage them.

100% Viewable Advertising in our digital age.

Advertisers and marketers continue to struggle when it comes to enhance the value of their media spend. In fact, it is obvious that, Viewability remains an important issue that requires a set of powerful tools and streamlined experiences. observes that, the use of vCPM (viewable CPM transactions) powered by Active View, a recently launched capability from Google’s DoubleClick product can bring peace in minds for at least to give advertisers and marketers a lat to enhance the value of their media spend. 
The technology behind can forecast when an impression is likely to be viewable and then can also verify and immediately confirm ads that have been viewed. recalls that according to, the industry standard: a display ad is considered viewable if 50% of the ad is viewed for at least one second; a video ad is considered viewable if 50% of the ad is viewed for at least two seconds, above the fold and in view.

Cisco: security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in Web Security Appliances. recalls that, Cisco has released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in Web Security Appliances. Exploitation of one of these vulnerabilities could allow a remote attacker to take control of the affected network device.
Users and administrators are encouraged to review the Cisco Security Advisories on the Command Injection, Range Request DoS, and Cache Reply DoS vulnerabilities and apply the necessary updates.

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) AppExchange Marketing Solutions for Salesforce Communities Users

Salesforce Communities and ecosystem are now at the center of business interactions around world. These communities and its environments that are growing at the rapid space are also, increasingly provided by powerful end-to-end tools, indispensable to their comprehensive productivity. encourages this dynamic, and recalls for the informational purposes only that, TreeHouse Interactive (, the SaaS-based partner relationship management (PRM) solutions, has two new AppExchange PRM Marketing applications specifically designed to integrate with Salesforce Communities™. 
The new partner marketing applications can provide Salesforce Communities users marketing capabilities to drive greater sales and partner satisfaction.

Unlock the Power of Docker in the container apps industry.

The dynamic behind Docker generates lot of excitements and innovation within industries, so that, recalls that, unlock the power of Docker container application development and deployment, also means: 

streamlined drag and drop application editor, application placement policies and built-in authenticated service discovery. 
The momentum behind can allow enterprises to inter alia: Compose Docker applications simply,Share and reuse application components across an organization,Deploy across data centers, availability zones, and colocation facilities,Run enterprise applications that can dynamically learn the location of shared services, to name a few.

Apps industry: the actionable data to understand an app’s Content, Intent, and Context.

For the stakes of performance, productivity, flexibility and costs, more and more, numerous organizations, enterprises of all sizes, and government IT turn to 3rd party mobile apps to put corporate data in the hands of employees.
Based on this reality, at, we also believe that, henceforth there is a real need to understand the permissions and behaviors of these apps.  The real-time ability to recognize and predict which apps can or pose the greatest risks, and take action to prevent a breach before it happens, is now indispensable. 
A deep understanding of how apps behave and their relationships with other apps and developers is required. 
AppVisualizer is a real-time, graphical, visual analysis service that can reveal the correlation between: apps, risks, and conditions. salutes this momentum that can deliver detailed, contextual visualization and app cross-correlation.

VMware-like control and security in container apps industry.

The container apps industry is on an exciting curve in terms of growth, innovation and adoption; but unfortunately continues to undergo a set of setbacks and challenges related to security and more.
Based on these realities, a VMware-like control and security approach aims via key features that include: secure management, resource pools, multi-user access and intelligent application scheduling to bring peace in minds. recalls that, this can allow enterprises to inter alia: Divide and allocate host resources to container applications based on business needsDeploy across multiple data centers, clouds and providers : both private and publicCollaborate across a common development, DevOps and operational platform.

Automated, personalized, and human-like conversation experience in our digital age.

Satisfaction, communication, sharing and knowledge are at the heart of the human interactions, business exchanges and productivity.
In our digital-driven age, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, including inter alia: machine learning and smart information search represent an exciting opportunity to automate and personalize each critical experience. 
The dynamic behind DigitalGenius platform sets a foot in human-like conversational question answering and knowledge sharing. salutes this momentum and recalls that multiple sources of data characterize our digital age, so that, henceforth intelligent conversations across multiple industries; highly personalized conversations, and deep and eye-opening insights from unstructured interactions, streamline our end-to-end digital experiences.

The groundbreaking momentum of around the world and within industries, institutions and Universities

Every time when you use Internet, Social Media including: Google+, Twitter, WatsApp, Facebook…; CMS including: WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal… and so forth, and then your experience is secure, friendly, amusing, responsive, productive, powerful…, it is also thanks to 
nThe same goes to: e-commerce industry; cloud technologies and services; Big-data and analytics industries, to name a few. (Check out the pioneering resources).
With, Employees, teams and developers are more productive at work—IT infrastructures are increasingly efficient, powerful, and secure – Systemsare reliable, agile, scalable, flexible, and intelligent—Services are now friendly, customized and intuitive—Cities are progressively secure and intelligent—the Mobile and Web industries are more and more powerful—Enterprises of all sizes are profitable—Data-centric enterprises generate new revenue streams and value. 
Actionable data, insights, reports, comments, tools, technologies,…

Containers in the Enterprise.

It is henceforth obvious that, microservice centric approaches are dramatically changing the way we need to manage and automate applications and services.
IT infrastructures are increasingly less complex and Container Application engines are progressively designed to work with new and legacy applications. 
The application-oriented approach that works in heterogeneous enterprise environments, and can be used by developers, IT and DevOps teams is welcome when it comes to inter alia: Manage legacy applications in a containerized environmentRun behind the firewall, on-premise, or in the cloudCreate an end-to-end delivery chain from development to operations, no assembly required and so forth.