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The Private Equity has blown the internet-based industry last week.

With nearly $1.194Billion injected in the digital industry last week, the Private Equity makes its great coming-back like respectable approach to fund the digital economy.
Overall, has captured nearly $2.089Billion for the internet-based services last week. The upper graphic is very illustrative about the trend.
$18M / Series B For Hedvig , a distributive storage platform that allows companies to expand storage capabilities without having to reconfigure architecture. Hedvig has raised neraly $30.5M to data. Investors include:True Ventures, Vertex Venture Capital andAtlantic Bridge.
$30M / Series C For Cyphort , a security company that detects and fights targeted and advanced threats, corporate espionage and IP theft for businesses. Founded in 2011 and based in Santa Clara, Cyphort has raised $53.7M to date. Investors include:Matrix Partners, Foundation Capital, Trinity Ventures and more. $538M / Series F For Snapchat, the LA-based messaging service, founded in 2011, ha…

Actionable insights to streamline your entire tech week.

Millions among you across the world, within the tech and business hubs acknowledge as an indispensable tool to streamline their end-to-end digital experiences in our digital age. A confidence we have to preserve now and forever. In this momentum, to start this week, let’s review together the following actionable insights:

The numbers indicate that cybersecurity solutions are becoming a company-wide issue as opposed to an IT-only topic,

OpenStack has emerged as an open source cloud alternative to the respected Amazon and Microsoft platforms, with more than 500 companies backing it,

Data analysis is at the core of Google’s revenue generation,

Cloud offers transformative potential for faster, more agile development and furthering the business objectives of the enterprise,
servers are already making inroads to software-defined infrastructure,

A data-driven culture is henceforth vital within each organization,
Reliable, predictive business insights that can result in better, f…