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Global Mobile Point-of-Sale Solutions (mPOS) Market and landscape

We live now in a mobile-driven era where the e-commerce industry and cloud-based solutions are at the heart of numerous groundbreaking innovations, excitements and transformations. One can then observe that, when it comes to Mobile Point-of-Sale Solutions (mPOS) Market and landscape: 

The increasing mobile internet penetration enables the users to quickly process mPOS and close the sales process,
The growing usage of cloud-based solutions is expected to fuel the mPOS market,
Access to customer information and product data across multiple platforms is critical,
Information such as payment preferences, and buying behavior fuel this market,
mPOS enable merchants to store a large amount of data that can be accessed from anywhere across the globe by authorized personnel,
SMBs were the early adopters of mPOS technology,
Limited selling and low transaction volume of SMBs is making it difficult for mPOS vendors to sustain themselves in the market,
Vendors are attracting large enterprises with products…

Java-based HTML5 applications on modern devices

The requirements related to the modern devices and apps are exciting; so from cross-platform culture and touch-based interaction to the right user experience, the landscape is at the core of various innovations.
More and more Developers are encouraged to adopt unified platform for designing, developing, deploying and managing cross-platform web applications.
Henceforth, with the general availability of Sencha GXT 4, developers are empowered by tablet and touch screen laptop support to easily build and extend desktop applications to tablet devices.
With support for touch and gestures at the core of the framework, Java developers can build and deploy rich, data-centric HTML5 applications for both desktops and tablets.

Integrated approach to help DevOps and IT teams lower the time needed to resolve application issues

Our digital era that generates in real-time vast amount of Data is now powered by distributed and microservices-oriented architectures that deliver performance, productivity, agility, flexibility, security and scalability henceforth indispensable for everyone and for organizations of all sizes. 
On the same curve, can recall that, business critical apps, more and more work across cloud services or multiple data centers. This momentum requires developers, operations and IT teams, to have an accurate and up-to-date picture of what code is running, where it’s running and what other parts of the infrastructure with which it is interacting.
AppNeta, with its new AppMap, combines code, host and advanced network monitoring into a single integrated view. salutes this dynamic that can give developers and DevOps teams a streamlined combination of application and network visibility, to lower inter alia: the time needed to resolve application issues.

Faster Financial Planning in SAP through a Microsoft Excel Interface

With the pressing requirements and challenges of our data-driven era, financial professionals need henceforth flexible, high productive tools and technologies to save reporting time and effort.
Planning Wand for SAP has captured our attention with its ability to help financial professionals, plan, post and report SAP data in real time without leaving Excel. can observe that, this add-on module from Excel4apps can allow SAP users to directly upload budget planning data using Microsoft Excel, with no requirements for middleware or a data warehouse.