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Money2020 conference: stakes and opportunities around Emerging Authentication and Identification.

Marketing sur mobile : ce que vaut IBM en début d’octobre 2013.

Hadoop Summit Europe 2014 today announced the call for papers.

Tech funding: Telogis, Tulip Retail, Pursway, Quixey, Listia, Quri have raised more than $ 150 million.

Montres intelligentes, Google pourrait dévoiler des gadgets très bientôt : là sont les enjeux !

Cloud center: IBM invests $8 million in first cloud center in Spain.

Survey: ‘’Wearables Device Provides Opportunity for Flexible Displays’’.

Reconnaissance des mouvements : ce que vaut Google en début octobre 2013.

Guest post: Stanford scientists build a microscope to spot the seeds of cancer

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is WildCat a four-legged robot ,being developed to run fast on all types of terrain.

Informatique Cognitive : ce que vaut IBM en termes d’investissement, supports et technologies.

Advance Research in Cognitive Systems: IBM announced a collaborative research initiative with four leading universities.

Beware: Adobe possible fraudulent account activity and Chrome 30 and Chrome Frame to address multiple vulnerabilities.

Paris sportifs en ligne : ce que vaut Yahoo en début octobre 2013!