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Showing posts from October 29, 2015

Rich, powerful visual analytics accessible to every business user in our digital-driven age.

Competition is high in our digital-driven, rapid-pace’s changing environment. That means inter alia that, faster time to value and significant increases in ROI are indispensable.
When it comes to visual analytics, it is henceforth clear that, People at all levels of an organization should be able blend and analyze enterprise, personal or big data in just a few clicks; quickly uncover and share hidden patterns and actionable insights.
Fast, easy-to-use data visualization is critical to your businesses; it can secure collaboration, enabling fact-based decisions at every level of the organization. Business users can go from raw data to actionable business insights in just a few minutes by combining data from a variety of sources.

In-App Hypervisor in our mobile age.

The mobility is henceforth indispensable in our digital age, so that, secure access to data from mobile devices is an absolute necessity in today’s business, education and government environments.
Enterprises, individuals and organizations need the real-time ability tointercept all application data calls to prevent, detect, and respond to unknown and zero-day exploits. In fact, our digital age is more and more aggressively marked by sophisticated cyberattacks including inter alia: malware or malicious libraries and tools.
Therefore, recalls that, Apple recently announced the removal of over 250 iOS apps with over a million estimated downloads from its App Store. The affected apps were siphoning personal information from users and sending it to remote servers without the knowledge of their legitimate developers, who had unknowingly used a malicious 3rd party SDK in their application.
We can also remember, the XcodeGhost malware, where a modified version of Apple’s app d…

A framework to assess your IoT readiness and to prepare an IoT strategy.

Beyond a set of bottlenecks still withstanding, that you can discover here, it is however obvious that, the Internet of Things is enabling businesses and IT to connect, transform, and innovate.
While a set of organizations see the Internet of Things as strategic to their business; others see the IoT as transformational.
Therefore at we also believe that, having a road map to navigate this journey is critical.
Senior leaders need a framework to assess their IoT readiness and to prepare an IoT strategy that is in line with their business and digital transformation objectives.
Here on, there is a comprehensible and actionable data, technologies and insights that can help you streamline this journey.
In the same momentum, also recalls that, IDC's MaturityScape framework (IDC MaturityScape: Internet of Things (IDC #259374)), identifies the stages, measures, outcomes, and actions required to develop an IoT strategy that can contribute …