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Running PHP-based web applications in the cloud, also, means:

Stakes related to scalability, flexibility, performance, agility, seamless and security are henceforth indispensable in our digital age flooded by huge among of data from multiple sources. So that, at, we believe that, running PHP-based web applications in the cloud, also, means:

Ability to patch underlying infrastructure automatically, even on apps in production ,Reduce your apps’ susceptibility to vulnerabilities, like shell-injection attacks, file-inclusion attacks, or security bugs such as Heartbleed,Scale from zero to thousands of queries per second automatically,Only pay for what you use, Leverage Shared services infrastructures and managed services, such as a NoSQL datastore, memcache, user authentication API and more, It also means that, ensure your site stayed aloft, better customer experience, lower operating costs, and fewer technological headaches.
Google App Engine for PHP, a scalable environment from Google Cloud Platformpa…

Actionable insights from Google’s Data Center Networks susceptible to help you.

Beyond all the critical requirements, transparency is henceforth at the core of all the stakes when it comes to streamlined IT experiences in our digital age.
With you have in real-time the unique opportunity to leverage this new paradigm that empowers now: people, organizations, governments and businesses of all sizes.
Shared services infrastructures and distributed computing and data processing, are at the heart of productivity, security, agility and performance in our data-driven age. salutes the pioneering role played by Google when it comes to Google File System, MapReduce, Bigtable and Borg. All those technologies are indispensable henceforth in our digital age.
In the same momentum, Google has been building datacenter network that could meet our distributed computing requirements; powering its distributed computing and storage systems. 
Jupiter network is the latest-generation for is datacenter. Jupiter fabrics can deliver more than 1 Petabit/se…

Recent actionable trends around Enterprise Mobility Services.

Concerns and stakes related to the productivity, flexibility, security and privacy are still weighing on this market. 
Beyond the fact that, the increase in the number of mobile devices accessing enterprise networks has raised concerns over privacy and data security, the most exciting is that, the need for fast, flexible, productive, seamless, secure and agile mobility services among enterprises to streamline their digital experiences, is driving the market.
The use of mobile devices and technologies for both business and personal purposes is expected to grow, while several enterprises are formulating new IT policies, and the increase in the number of mobile apps to promote mobility in the workforce is expected to lead to opportunities for vendors in the market. 
We are there to help, streamline and boost your end-to-end digital experiences, so feel free to submit your app or technology for a global fit and hit.

Mobile augmented reality adoption.

Our mobile capabilities increase at an accelerated pace. Henceforth you can combine in real-time: entertainment, work, pleasures, solace, security and happiness on the same device.
Mobile augmented reality in this perspective, is rapidly growing in adoption in terms of AR app downloads, revenue, and the total installed base of actively used apps.
For those who unfamiliar, Mobile augmented reality (AR), is an enhanced version of a real-world environment with elements overlaid by computer-generated information on the mobile device display.
Its applications encompass categories including: gaming and entertainment, marketing and advertising, information, education and toys, retail and product visualizations, and industrial applications. 
According to Tractica, gaming and entertainment apps will continue to constitute the largest number of downloads.
Other categories including: industrial, education and toys, and retail and product visualizations pave their way. 
A recent report from Tractica, …