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Showing posts from August 23, 2013

MACOM announced a new SPDT Switch-Limiter suited for S-Band military and commercial radar systems.

Optimized for receiver protection in radar applications, the MASL-011023aims to be an innovative switch-limiter solution for users who require the industry’s fastest recovery time and highest power handling for S-Band receive protection applications. Connectikpeople has observed that, operating over the 2.7 - 3.5 GHz bandwidth, the device handles 125W of CW power at 85°C

MTN Ghana Data revenue (excluding SMS) increased by 56,3%.

For the first six months of 2013, the subsidiary of MTN Group has demonstrated its ability to create , the traction with products such as Cloud services, data bundle offerings, and MTN Mobile Money. In fact, MTN Ghana has generated increasing subscribers by +7,3% to 12,6 million compared to 11,7 million at the end of December

Cisco announced the opening of a Center of Innovation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Cisco is now strongly implanted in Brazil with great ambitious projects in the mind. It is official since yesterday, the Center of Innovation, or COI, will integrate Cisco’s portfolio with technology from local players with the goal to create solutions that aim to meet the needs of the Brazilian market. According to Cisco, the COI will be a key resource for Cisco as it creates long-lasting relationships with the Brazilian government

SanDisk has completed the acquisition of SMART Storage Systems.

With this acquisition, ScanDisk expands and consolidates its expertise in Enterprise Storage Solutions. In fact as a developer of enterprise solid state drives based on the SATA and SAS storage protocols, SMART Storage Systems brings its solid experience and assets, on Storage Systems to help SanDisk  meet the future challenges.
 Henceforth, SMART Storage Systems is being combined with

Intel : Marty Homlish est remplacé au poste de directeur marketing par Henry Gomez : là où sont les enjeux.

Si Intel pour le troisième trimestre a vu ses bénéfices en hausse de 29% à 1,39 milliard de dollars US, en réalité c’est un résultat difficilement reproductif si les mêmes recettes sont ré-appliquées. Les ventes de PC s’éclipsent et la division entreprises du groupe américain se porte mal. En effet, le fait pour Intel de constater que

Huawei Tech. Investment announced the successful signing of USD1.5 billion equivalent 5-year term loan .

With this new breath, Huawei can envision in serenity its future. In fact since yesterday, Connectikpeople has observed that, Huawei continues to diversify its financing channels to maintain their financial flexibility, with the final goal to boost its efforts, accelerate business and to create value for his customers around the world. The data nabbed by Connectikpeople show that, the Dual-currency Facilities comprise a USD750 million equivalent term loan, and a USD750 million equivalent revolving credit facility, which are available in both USD and EUR with the EUR tranche capped at

NAND flash memories: Toshiba launched Phase 2 of Fab 5, the company’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility (fab).

Officialy announced, today, in its momentum of expansion, Toshiba will expand Fab 5 to secure manufacturing space for NAND flash memories fabricated with next generation process technology and for 3D memories. Connectikpeople has discovered that, construction will be completed in summer 2014, and decisions on equipment

iOS game Badland brings 4 new multiplayer levels and more.

Available since yesterday, this new update also includes lot of improvements like: The game now remembers where you have left inside a previously unfinished level even if you close the game. Henceforth, when you have completed all the currently available levels, the game now

Telecoms in Gambia : +1 Million Active Subscribers for Africell Gambia

Progressively, Africell Holding is building its network in Africa. In this dynamic, yesterday, the company via its subsidiary Africell Gambia announced that they have generated + one million Active Subscribers . The group’s total active subscriber base stands around

Vitesse moyenne des connexions internet dans le monde : la Corée du Sud fait mieux que le reste.

À moins 20 ans la Corée du SUD, ce petit pays (superficie) d’environ 50 millions d’habitants est l’une des économies les plus florissantes au monde. Le pays attire tous les regards en termes d’innovations technologiques, la gouvernance, le système éducatif et pratiques militaires. C’est un pays ou le gens travaillent de plus 45 heures par semaine, le pays qui vie à côté de son turbulent frère voisin la Corée du

Facebook News Feed: PointRoll announces the results in the evolution of its relationship with Facebook.

With mobile revenue which accounted for 41 % of Facebook’s ad revenue in the second quarter, Facebook knows where there are its growth and wants to deliver the best mobile ads. Since this afternoon, we have the possibility to learn more about this partnership with PointRoll. In fact, PointRoll recently tested the new Facebook format, Rich Media Page Post Link Ad. According to PointRoll, the combination of premium placement on Facebook and the interactive ad post

IBM security software and services offering will be part of the Department of US Homeland Security’s (DHS) and (CDM) program.

Official since yesterday, IBM progressively demonstrates its abilities to meet evolving cybersecurity threats with the recent acquisition of Truster. Henceforth State and local agencies can leverage IBM consulting services as well as security intelligence software including IBM Security Endpoint Manager, IBM Security Appscan and IBM