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Felix for now accommodates major update in Version 1.5.1

As an iPhone client for the social network, Felix helps you curate your conversations with your friends.
With the new in Version 1.5.1, you can update your bio, avatar and cover image from the Dashboard, Gaps in streams can now fill in from oldest to newest, you can now "mute" private message channels, which will remove them from your channel list and prevent you from being automatically re-subscribed to them when new messages come in, therefore muted channels can be found on the

GuestPost: Spamhaus answers about recent DDoS attack on Spamhaus: Stakes and Threats.

These recent times Spamhaus has undergone the biggest DDoS attack of its history, this one targeted its infrastructures and services. Here are some elements of responses following the press inquiries.

''At this time The Spamhaus Project is getting more press enquiries than we can

Nouveaux serveurs SPARC T5 et M5 chez Oracle : Enjeux autour du Big Data.

Intégrant le processeur le plus rapide au monde selon John Fowler, vice-président exécutif de la division Systèmes d'Oracle, T5 et M5 sontdestinés aux bases de données, à Java et aux multiples applications tierces. De quoi séduire les majors, les banques et les multinationales manipulant les masses de données. Avec 16 cœurs pour une fréquence moyenne de 3,6 GHz

Movies: Henceforth Amazon brings X-Ray experience to TV shows.

Following the release of X-Ray for Movies in September 2012, a new feature that brings the power of IMDb directly to movies on Kindle Fire HD, since March, 27, 2013 Amazon announced also that it is expanding X-Ray to TV, bringing the seamless, fully-integrated X-Ray experience to TV shows. For those who unfamiliar, X-Ray allows you to learn more about the filmography by simply taping on the screen. This means that X-Ray for TV is already

The 2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid made its debut at the 2013 New York Auto Show.

This a new generation of the Toyota Highlander crossover, it is bigger and bolder than the model it replaces, now looking much more like a full-blown SUV than a crossover. It will be available in 2014 with the choice of three separate powertrains, including a 2.7-liter four-cylinder base option, a 3.5-liter V-6 as the mid-level option, and another 3.5-liter V-6, this time teamed with an electric drive system.

Développement de l’Internet des objets : enjeux, Réalités et Opportunités.

Une maison intelligente contrôlée à distance, un frigo qui commande votre menu lorsqu’il est vide, un robot qui vous assiste dans la vaisselle… ce sont là quelques unes des facettes de l’internet des objets. Nous voudrions bien pour l’instant vous parler de la domotique avec deux acteurs pas les moindre, l’un pionnier et l’autre un concurrent très ambitieux. MyFox est une start-up Française spécialisée dans le contrôle distant de son domicile. Créée en 2009, elle estime avoir développé le premier système d'alarme et de vidéosurveillance contrôlable à distance par Internet. Via donc ses différentes offres l’utilisateur avec son smartphone ou une tablette, peut piloter à

Flipboard 2.0 to save and collect the things you love into your own magazines.

For those who unfamiliar, is a way to catch up on the news you care about, discover amazing things from around the world, or stay connected to the people closest to you.
Henceforth with the new version 2.0 available since March 27, 2013,you can now collect and save content into your own magazines, made your magazine private ,use the new bookmarklet to add items to your magazines from your browser , get Flipboard notifications when people like, comment or subscribe to your magazines.

Jeux sur Facebook : Chiffres, Données, Réalités et Enjeux pour les Différents acteurs.

Globalement le secteur du jeu sur mobile, console, ou sur les plates formes populaires sur internet marche très bien. Il y’a un engouement pour la majorité à le plus souvent à se divertir, en écoutant la musique ou jouer aux jeux vidéo. Une embellie très connu jusqu’ici du jeu sur console. Mais les choses évoluent et très rapidement, par conséquent le jeu sur navigateur gagne en

OMG, new iPhone 6 Concept for you by the Designer Abel Verdezoto I.

These recent times we have several iPhone 6 conceptswhich surfaced. Therefore with each passing new idea, the designing and aspects are getting refined and eloquent. Specs for this new idea include: straight sides with chrome accents, upper and lower angles curved with grainy texture and gloss finish. The power button positioning, volume buttons on the left side, Nano slot and 3.5mm jack on the right side and speaker connector on the bottom. The loading

Khronos™ Group announces: multiple WebGL™ 1.0.1 implementations and COLLADA™ 1.5.0: Stakes and opportunities

Since March 27th, 2013, it is henceforth official The Khronos™ Group announces that multiple WebGL™ 1.0.1 implementations are now fully conformant on a range of desktop and mobile platforms .  In addition, the WebGL 1.0.2 specification and a set of extensions have been submitted for ratification and are expected to be formally released in April 2013.  This also means that the browser and

Evernote for Windows Phone (v 3.0) henceforth updates: a major update with new features and redesigns.

This new version 3.0 available since March 27, 2013 now gives you quick access to everything you need, including note creation, search and shortcuts. This also means that you can now get to your account information by tapping on your username at the top of the screen.

Google Maps in Africa after about 4 years now: stakes and realities.

Google Maps progressively continues its implementation in Africa. We noted that from basic maps of major roads to detailed maps in many African countries, cities and towns, these maps have since evolved to include for example : local domains, driving and walking directions, traffic information, Street View imagery in South Africa and Botswana, and turn by turn GPS navigation in South Africa, Algeria and Tunisia.

Tweetbot for Twitter now updated in Version 1.2.2

For those unfamiliar, Tweetbot aims to be a full-featured Mac OS X Twitter client. With the new version 1.2.2 henceforth available,users notifications will continue to work after a restart, tweaks to global hide/show and global new tweets including when used in different spaces.
It includes fixes for main window

The official Gmail app for your iPhone or iPad accommodates new update in version 2.1

Henceforth the new update available since March 27, 2013 includes performance improvements and bug fixes. This also means that, you now swipe left or right to move between messages without returning to the inbox, selecting a message in the inbox now enables edit mode.

L’apprentissage des langues sur mobile et en ligne : enjeux, défis et acteurs

Si jusqu’en 2007 il était presqu’impossible d’apprendre des langues en ligne demanière dynamique, en 2013 beaucoup de petits programmes et supports fleurissent sur le web et c’est un secteur en plein croissance.
En Afrique le succès story nous vient de l’Ouganda via le