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Growing Disparity Managing Privileged Access in our ever-connected world

There are lots of wanderings from tiers, end-users and from companies of all sizes when it comes to security and data privacy in our ever-connected data-driven digital world.
Therefore, it is indispensable to recall that, Companies or organizations that employ best practices and use practical solutions to restrict access and monitor conditions are far better equipped to handle today’s threat landscape.
We have captured for you a new study from BeyondTrustthat unveiled the results of its definitive Privilege Benchmarking Study based on a worldwide survey of IT professionals. The study highlights a daunting gap between organizations that adhere to best practices for privileged access management. 
Key findings are indicating that, 1.Only 14 percent regularly cycle their passwords, leaving systems exposed to breaches, 2.Just 3 percent watch/terminate sessions in real time, 3.52 percent “just know” what the risks are, but aren’t doing enough about it, 4.Federal Government Vulnerable to Breaches,…

Mixpanel’s Autotrack feature for Web-Effortless Behavioral Analytics

At the center of stakes, we have an innovative feature that allows users to automatically collect every action on web and mobile and easily analyze that data without a developer.  In effect, Mixpanel the company that helps the world learn from its data has launched Autotrack: allowing users to implement an interesting analytics solution, focus on making data-driven decisions, and find meaningful insights from their data.

A BOT Creation GUI Tool, to realize advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) communication developments

A new momentum at Alt, Inc., with at the core of stakes, the ability to create more easily high quality chat bots. 
In effect, Artificial Intelligence Development of Al+, has released a BOT creation GUI tool, the "Al+ Bot Framework" and an API set, "RMR" which can realize advanced AI communication developments as a closed Beta version.
One can observe that, with the use of these tools and API, creators and engineers can create more easily high quality chat bots.
The BFW is a framework which enables users to create their own original chat bots easily even if they are not engineers, using a sophisticated GUI.
You can implement a chat bot to your existing services and business systems. You can also easily link external services such as LINE, Facebook and the like via our simple settings.
Regarding RMR, it is an API set which is equipped with an advanced intent interpretation engine which can absorb the differences in the input’s representation. This API can handle question…