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The Global Electric Vehicle (EV)’s momentum

The most exciting is to observe that, with the growing concern of public and government towards environmental pollution, the electric vehicle is gaining momentum across the world. The features such as low maintenance and operation cost are encouraging more consumers for electric vehicles. This is also boosting the growth in demand of electric vehicle charging stations. According to Research and Markets, the growing concern of people towards environmental pollution has led them to switch upon environment friendly alternatives for fossil fuel-based vehicles, such as electric and hybrid vehicles. The sales of electric vehicles are also being promoted by the government incentives for encouraging the EV sales.

Digital transformation and IT transformation in Western Europe

I can recall that, the performance of a particular software is tightly related to its relevance in supporting digital transformation and IT transformation.
New collaborative technologiesenabling many types of work to be done anywhere, anytime are gaining ground in the Western Europe like :dynamic data management systems, enterprise social networks, file synchronization and sharing software, network infrastructure software, security and vulnerability management, software-defined storage controller software, and problem management
Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom lead the momentum as top performers in the Western Europe market according to IDC.

The most exciting when it comes to Software Markets Related to Digital Transformation momentum in Western Europe

the momentum is interesting while overall, the software market is highly fragmented and the top 10 vendors control less than half of the total market.

New findings from IDC reveal that, total software revenues in Western Europe reached $48 billion during the first six months of 2016.  Many analysts table on the predictions that, full-year revenues for the Western European software market will exceed $100 billion in 2016 for the first time.

According to IDC, on-premise software sales grew 0.9% year over year, while software revenue from public cloud services grew 33.2%. As a share of total software, public cloud services went from 11.6% of software in 1H15 to 14.7% in 1H16. 
Eight of the ten largest software vendors in Europe are U.S.-based, while fourth place is held by Germany-based SAP and seventh place by France-based Dassault Systemes.