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Drone frame type and UAV technology

We have at the core of stakes when it comes to Drone frame type: Fixed-wing Rotary-blade Hybrid On basis of UAV technology, I have a pleasure to highlith: Energy and Propulsion Data Collecting and Processing Steering and Positioning Automation Systems Communications and Relays Cyber Security .

Top obstacles and benefits of security framework adoption

I have captured for you a co-sponsored Cybersecurity Frameworks and Foundational Security Controls Survey, which shows 95 percent of organizations face significant challenges when implementing leading cybersecurity frameworks

In effect, new survey from TenableSecurity & CISecuritytallied responses from more than 300 primarily U.S. and European IT security decision makers from organizations of various sizes and representing 15 industry verticals to better understand the adoption and maturity of cybersecurity frameworks and their underlying security controls

According to survey data, three out of the top five impediments to cybersecurity framework implementation were technological in nature, suggesting a need for software solutions that can automate and simplify cybersecurity framework adoption. 

The top five impediments to cybersecurity framework implementation were reported as follows:
1.Lack of trained staff 2.Lack of necessary tools to automate controls 3.Lack of budget 4.Lack …

Drone application, and drone size

For those who are unfamiliar, regarding drone application, one can highlight the following: Defense and Homeland Security Agriculture Real Estate and Construction Insurance Inspection Energy Sector Industry and Manufacture Personal and Hobby Logistics and Retail Police and Public Safety Media and Entertainment Disaster and Emergency Response Environmental Monitoring Others On basis of drone size, we have: Group 1 (larger-size drones) Group 2 (medium-size drones) Group 3 (nano/micro/mini drones)

Key dynamics behind the Global Child Care Management Software

It is exciting to see that, the increasing number of women in the global workforce, growing demand for optimization of child care center processes, rise in collaborative learning, and increasing admissions in reputed primary schools, are the major dynamics driving the growth of the global child care management software market.
According to Technavio, the global child care management software market is highly fragmented with the presence of many niche players who have managed to establish a sizeable market presence globally. The key vendors are EZChildTrack, JackrabbitTechnologies, PersonalizedSoftware, ProcareSoftware, SmartCare, and SofterWare.

Artificial Audio Intelligence for Smart Home Devices

Audio Analytic is paving its way in the development and commercialisation of intelligent sound recognition using advanced machine learning. Audio Analytic’s ai3™ software can be embedded in even low-power Smart Home devices, enabling them to recognise a range of sounds within the home and take automated action. 
I can observe that, all sound recognition is conducted on device with no requirement to stream audio to the cloud, ensuring user privacy, security and peace of mind. 
With ai3™ inside, a Smart Home device can recognise the sound of a window breaking or a smoke alarm while a home’s occupants are out, alerting the owners and emergency services and triggering other devices within the home to take appropriate action. A smart device in a nursery can recognise the sound of a baby crying and play a lullaby, soothing baby back to sleep so parents and baby get a restful night.