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New PayPal iPhone app in version 5.1.0 brings new design and the ability to pay at local businesses.

In a natural momentum, PayPal has revamped its app with the goal to improve user experience. Henceforth with this new version ( 5.1.0) users can use the app to pay with their phone in local shops

With the new HP ENVY Recline All-in-One PC series, HP aims to offer the best, most immersive touch experience.

If the PC’s market share is declining progressively, HP wants maintain and redevelop an attraction around this product by combining touch experience, beautiful design and the All-in-One concept. In this dynamic, HP has unveiled the HP ENVY Recline23 TouchSmart All-in-One PC and HP ENVY Recline27 TouchSmart All-in-One PC, HP. Connectikpeople has observed that, both the HP ENVY Recline23 and HP ENVY Recline27

IBM launched Digital Loan Processing platform which integrates the core lending business process.

If IBM these past years has spent about $4 billion acquiring cloud analytics capabilities, this is certainly for the good reasons. According to Chitra Dorai, Ph.D. IBM Distinguished Engineer, the goal is to offer customers unparalleled insights into their customers and their business. Since yesterday, it is official, IBM has launched its ‘’comprehensive’’ Digital Loan Processing platform which integrates the core lending business process with mobile

Huawei Marine has been selected to upgrade the Bahamas Domestic Submarine Network International (BDSNi).

Huawei continues its expansion in the Caraibes region. This time the Chinese company will enable Bahamas Domestic Submarine Network International (BDSNi) to deliver more flexible and cost effective services with the implementation of this upgrade capacity, providing 640 Gbps through the application of proven enhanced Raman technology. Connectikpeople has observed that, the system upgraded links more than 20 sites between Bahamas and Haiti and stretches across about 3,500

Video:Take a look at the latest technology from Ford - SYNC with AppLink.

Following the bad period in 2008- 2011, Ford is regaining its long position as leader in innovation, comfort and security and more. Henceforth, with AppLink you can access a variety of functions,

Bataille de Smartphone ZTE détiendrait 5 % du marché mondial et une position de quatrième mondiale.

Les chinois qu’ils s’agissent de Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, sont dans une position de pouvoir conquérir plus de la moitié du marché des Smartphones dans le monde. Les ambitions vont au-delà du marché national, ‘’c’est une bataille internationale, on doit effacer les américains’’, comme cela se dit d’habitude dans les milieux chinois. Pour prouver cette détermination Xiaomi à débauché, la semaine passée le VP de Google Android, Hugo Barra. Celui rejoint Xiaomi pour transformer son MUI (une version Android Modifiée) en véritable ‘’killer’’ d’Android. En attendant d’y arriver, Strategy Analytics a publié une étude qui

Elon Musk, le co-fondateur de Tesla Motors la voiture électrique la plus innovante envisage de faire le tour des USA pour prouver son efficacité.

Le grand défi qui bouscule tous les projets de voitures électriques est sans doute celui du système, réseau de charge, mais surtout l’efficacité et la pérennité des batteries.
Tesla Motors un projet lancé en 2003 par Martin Eberhard et Elon Musk, semble en voie de rafler la mise en termes d’efficacité, de

Are you interested by what is done at Alcatel? Here are four new budget Android phones to One Touch Pop series.

Connectikpeople continues to follow the tech trends from IFA 2013. At Alcatel, the French manufacturer, four Android smartphones have been unveiled today. Following the release of high-end and mid-range phones, her are the new handsets from One Touch Pop-series. Called Pop C1, C3, C5 and C7, all four smartphones run on Android 4.2 and come in a variety of colour

Voici pourquoi le chiffrement n’est pas une véritable protection.

‘’ Dis moi avec qui tu marches et je te dirai qui tu es !’’ le fameux dicton semble avoir été oublié par les uns et les autres, mais il reste et restera d’actualité. Edward Snowden, un ancien espion américain travaillant pour le compte de la NSA (agence sécurité intérieure USA) , aujourd’hui réfugié en Russie, fait les choux gras de l’actualité pour avoir

‘’The robot astronaut Kirobo has become the first robot to speak in outer space’’.

If Niel Amstrong was the first man to land on the moon, the robot astronaut Kirobo could become the first robot to speak in outer space’’. The announcement comes from Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). In fact since this morning TMC announced that the robot astronaut Kirobo has become the first robot to speak in outer space. According to TMC, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

SonoSite today announced CE mark approval for its newest generation of point-of-care ultrasound: the X-Porte™ Ultrasound Kiosk

At SonoSite, since this morning, they are very excited to share the good news. Henceforth they can ship the X-Porte kiosk effective immediately. This remarkable tool aims to enable any and all members of a healthcare team: nurses, mid-level providers, and even a physician-

SAP wants reorganize its finances by appointing Ross Wainwright as global head of financial services industries.

What was expected since several months has been rendered official. Ross Wainwright is henceforth the global head of financial services industries. This means, he will be responsible for SAP’s financial services footprint, which covers banking, insurance and capital markets

RoboCop is coming back; let’s watch together the first Trailer! And learn more about the release date and plot summary.

Release Date: February 7, 2014
Studio: Columbia Pictures (Sony), MGM
Director: Jose Padilha
Screenwriter: Josh Zetumer, Nick Schenk
Starring: Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, Michael K. Williams, Jay Baruchel, Jennifer Ehle, Marianne Jean-Baptiste