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Here is how the media and entertainment industry uses social media analytical tools

Steadily, the media and entertainment industry uses social media analytical tools to improve marketing techniques, product promotions, and customer engagement. Customer engagement was not focused upon prior to the emergence of social media analytics. Social media analytical tools derive meaningful business insights from vast amounts of unstructured data. According to Technavio Research, the industry leverages social networks to deliver innovative content and interact with viewers beyond the regularly featured television shows. For instance, the fans of Game of Thrones can visit the Wiki page and contribute content. The firm also reveals that, the popularity of social networking websites during 2006-2016 helped actors, athletes, and musicians in connecting with their fans.

Social media analytics in our ever-connected mobile data-driven era

For those who are unfamiliar, Social media analytics involves the process of collating vast amounts of unstructured data and deriving meaningful business insights. These insights help the manufacturers in increasing sales, improving R&D, and formulating strategies for product differentiation. It also promotes brand loyalty and helps manufacturers to develop their products.

High adoption of editing software by non-professional end-users

The most exciting when it comes to audio and video editing technology is to see that, the market is witnessing high adoption of editing software by non-professional end-users. One can also observe that, vendors in the global audio and video editing software market focus on making the software more user-friendly. Vendors have reduced the price and provided trial versions with full application features for end-users. However, the editing software requires highly efficient processors that ensure an efficient and smooth workflow. This acts as a hindrance for the adoption of the software among non-professional users with limited graphics support. The continuous improvements in the processing power of computers help in mitigating the impact of this challenge.

In the US, drone owners must pass the aeronautical knowledge test to fly drones

For those who are unfamiliar, in the US, the Federal Aviation Administration has passed the Reauthorization Act of 2016 to ensure safe usage of drones. According to this act, drone owners must pass the aeronautical knowledge test to fly drones. This initiative will promote the safe use of drones in an open field and areas with huge crowds. These regulations also mandate the minimum and maximum level of height above the ground where these robots can be used. Such regulations are introduced to create an environment that supports emerging technologies along with adherence to security parameters.

Microelectronics within the field of robotics

I have the pleasure to recall that, with extensive research and development, there have been numerous developments in the field of robotics. 
In effect, growth in the microelectronics market has led to easy availability and decline in prices of advanced electronic components that are used for manufacturing security and law enforcement robots. Components like smart sensors, which can detect obstacles, bomb, drugs, and any danger on the robot's path, are easily available. 
Cameras with high resolution, wheels, and modulators are used significantly in these robots to make them work as a human.