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Cognitive Capabilities to Turn Commerce Insights into More Powerful Customer Experiences

The Congnitive computing is enforcing its momentum at the core of our digital era where data is the most powerful and critical asset.
Its capabilities that integrate inter alia natural language interactions are henceforth at the service of every industry.
Within the e-commerce industry for example, online merchants can easily gain the insights needed to evaluate category and product performance and make quick and effective merchandising decisions. recalls that, through cognitive commerce, businesses can understand performance on entirely new levels, identify patterns and make the type of unlikely connections that in the end can bring customers the right experiences at the right time, whether they are expecting it or not.

Virtual application delivery controller on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

It is important to recall that, virtualization, public, private and hybrid clouds expansion within enterprise accelerates and henceforth, many enterprises are moving toward a virtual approach to network functions to gain agility and operational efficiencies.
In this kind of momentum, it is obvious that, high availability, optimized performance and multi-layer security are indispensable. The availability of the vAPV virtual application delivery controller on the Microsoft Azure Marketplacei a dynamic key for those deploying on Microsoft Azure the ability to enhance the availability, performance and security of cloud-based services.

Over $448M absorbed by the internet-based services and technologies last week

With $158M/Series F,AppDynamics, a San Francisco-based company that makes software to monitor the performance of business applications, has received a particular treatment and is henceforth valued at $1.9B.
Overall, can recall:
$72M/Venturefor Tyro Payments; an Australian financial institution specializing in merchant credit and debit acquisition. Nearly $104M raised to date. Investors include :Mike Cannon-Brookes ; Tiger Global Management ; TDM Asset Management
$47M/Series Bfor
Atzuche ; a Shanghai-based peer-to-peer car rental start-up. Founded in 2013, Auzuche currently operates in 12 Chinese cities with over one million users.
Investors include:Matrix Partners, Ivy Capital, China Pacific Insurance, Ceyuan Ventures

Apache Drill, Apache Mesos, Apache Spark and entire Hadoop ecosystem together for data-centric organization

In our connected world where data is the most critical asset, missed opportunities, complex business processes, and even business continuity issues are not tolerated.At Google they are deeply aware of this realty and stakes related to. Then, everyone can be inter alia proud of Apache Drill, Apache Mesos, Apache Spark and Hadoop ; groundbreaking technologies inspired inter alia by Google.
Henceforth, the most exciting momentum is that, these technologies are now brought together such that any data-centric organization can benefit from the capabilities of each technology across its entire data center, and in new ways not documented by any single white paper. This is called the “Zeta Architecture.
The Zeta Architecture, dear friends, helps inter alia Enterprise architecture to focus on a holistic approach to deliver effectiveness, efficiency, agility, and durability. The Zeta Architecture is an enterprise architecture built with big data and real time in mind.
It lays out the foundational p…