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WordPress 4.0.1 to address multiple vulnerabilities.

Image, soon, recalls that, WordPress 4.0.1 has been released to address multiple vulnerabilities, one of which could allow a site to be compromised by a remote attacker. WordPress 3.9.2 and earlier are affected by this vulnerability.  Therefore,, soon, recommends users and administrators review the WordPress Maintenance and Security Release and apply the necessary updates.

Spyware against civil society, unlawful surveillance equipment, communication surveillance and countrywide surveillance.

If Internet is a wonderful and convenient network when it comes to interact, inform, learn, trade, communicate and improve our living and working conditions, this network is also the most dangerous and most controlled as never seen before.
Surveillance and monitoring fundamentally can help and safeguard, but more and more these convenient capabilities, that offer Internet, are extraverted by a set of organizations, governments and insidious people. 
Henceforth, spyware provides the ability to read personal emails, listen-in skype conversations, and remotely turn on a computers camera and microphone without its owner knowing about it.
In partnership with Amnesty International, Digitale Gesellschaft, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Privacy International, Detekt is a free tool that can scan your Windows computer for traces of known surveillance spyware used to target and monitor human rights defenders and journalists around the world., soon, recalls that th…

Improve the efficiency of automated Web application security scanners.

Security concerns are legion, but the most exciting and encouraging is to know that, a set of technologies, methodologies, and best practices are progressively available and are mature, to address and tackle persistent threats, vulnerabilities and attacks.
Thanks to "Firing Range", a new a security testing tool from Google which aimed at improving the efficiency of automated Web application security scanners by evaluating them with a wide range of cross-site scripting (XSS) and a few other web vulnerabilities seen in the wild., soon recalls that, Firing Range brings: a synthetic testing environment; can scan vulnerabilities such as: reverse clickjacking, Flash injection, mixed content and cross-origin resource sharing.
Its ability to use automation, to be more productive and to rely on a collection of bug patterns drawn from in-the-wild vulnerabilities observed by Google, can make it game changer.
A deployed version (public-firing-range.appspot.c…

Skills You Need to Be a Data Scientist in our data-driven world.

We are still at the early stage, when it comes to Data Science. This means that, it is critical to encourage those who focus on this nascent emerging technology, which aimed to deal with our data-driven world with unmatched opportunities. 
From a recent article by Thomas Davenport and D.J. Patil in the Harvard Business Review, to Riley Newman (head of data science at Airbnb) , who has written a great post on Airbnb’s data science hiring process on Quora,, soon salutes the determination of Dave, a data scientist at Airbnb and, to demystify as much as possible, a Data Scientist in our data-driven world.

Below their great work about8 data science competencies you should develop:

‘’Basic Tools:
No matter what type of company you’re interviewing for, you’re likely going to be expected to know how to use the tools of the trade. This means a statistical programming language, like R or Python, and a database querying language like SQL.

Basic Statist…

Accelerate Cloud Adoption in our mobile-driven world and a critical guide for cloud migration.

Flexibility, agility, scalability, comprehensive visibility, productivity…. Benefits from the cloud computing are solid and unmatched. So, stay current with innovations and remain faithful to security, compliance and control.
Accelerate Cloud Adoption in our mobile-driven world, means inter alia:
Deliver comprehensive and precise visibility into all cloud applications in use and assesses their risk based on business, data & compliance criteria;
Ensure all data protection policies are enforced, prevent unauthorized access, with data loss prevention, encryption, tokenization, and key management;
Assure compliance and protect against data breaches and insider threats, through data and user activity analysis and anomaly detection;
Provide comprehensive visibility and control over your data as it goes from your enterprise to any location in the cloud; 
Protect your data before it leaves your organization, ensuring persistent security that only you can unlock;
Ensure data privacy, data residen…

Vulnerabilities in Drupal core 6.x versions.

Image, soon recalls that Drupal has released an advisory to address multiple vulnerabilities in Drupal core 6.x versions prior to 6.34 and Drupal core 7.x versions prior to 7.34, one of which could allow a remote attacker to cause a denial of service. Therefore,, soon encourages users and administrators to review Drupal's Security Advisory and apply the necessary updates.