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Linux "Ghost" Remote Code Execution Vulnerability and Security Advisory for Adobe Flash Player.

Image recalls that, the Linux GNU C Library (glibc) versions prior to 2.18 are vulnerable to remote code execution via a vulnerability in the gethostbyname function. Exploitation of this vulnerability may allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system. Linux distributions employing glibc-2.18 and later are not affected. recommends users and administrators refer to their respective Linux or Unix-based OS vendor(s) for an appropriate patch if affected. Patches are available from Ubuntu and Red Hat. The GNU C Library versions 2.18 and later are also available for experienced users and administrators to implement.
Adobe has released Flash Player desktop version to address a critical vulnerability (CVE-2015-0311) in and earlier versions for Windows and Macintosh. This vulnerability could allow an attacker to take control of the affected system. Users and administrators are encouraged to review Adobe Security Bulletin APSB15-…

The future and current state of the app economy: critical trends, app categories and insights into monetization and design trends.

Many announce the death of the classic World Wide Web (WWW) for the benefit of mobile applications. In this scenario, the growing demand for mobility encourage and will speed ups the direct access to content and services, resources and technologies, without a real need to use a mobile browser. A set of signs seem to confirm this reality, as more and more, people rely on mobile apps for their various experiences. has captured for you a new report entitled ‘’State of the Apps 2015 Industry Snapshot’’,(,a report that aims to explore the future and current state of the app economy. can observe that, through a survey of app developers and publishers worldwide, the report features insights into monetization and design trends, as well as developers’ goals and priorities for the coming year. 
The report also showcases top app categories for 2014 as well as the categories developers and pu…

SaaS-based identity and access management: solutions, trends and recommendations.

Beyond the benefits from the two-factor authentication, it is obvious that, the growing issue of password reuse is boring and using the same password across personal and work applications exposes the company. Certain employees are indifferent when it comes to protecting sensitive corporate data, including personal information of customers. 
Based on these realities, it is clear that, employees and companies need the convenience of a single place to store passwords, while IT organizations need the controls to ensure strong, unique passwords are being used.
The following capabilities are recommended: An intuitive, self-service password reset portal to increase user productivity through convenient self-service reset and password change options; Mobile/off-network and desktop support to reduce operational costs and unburden the help desk by reducing calls relating to password requests; Centralized access policies and controls that strengthen security …

Advanced Malware Protection and Detection Service in our digital-driven world: realities and recommendations.

As you can imagine, Advanced Malware Protection and Detection (AMPD) is henceforth a critical managed security service designed to inter alia: rapidly forecast, detect, mitigate and susceptible to stop advanced threat activities on networks. Beyond the appropriation of thegood practices, the combination of the following benefits is recommended: Continuous monitoring of files, email attachments and other binaries traversing the network Analysis of suspicious traffic with deep visibility into executed instructions A dedicated advanced security analyst team Escalation of critical events Management of upgrades, patches, performance and availability Fast, accurate diagnosis threats with actionable next steps to accelerate incident response and reduce further exposure to the malware A broad context of information about the threat and other hosts that may have been infected, The proven effectiveness and interoperability of your software-based enterprise security …