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The launch of the AppCarousel Monetization Suite for the automotive market

Steadily one can observe that, Drivers are increasingly lured by enhanced value-added services, high quality in-vehicle infotainment, premium features, and services. This means that, the ecosystem of connected car services grows and car manufacturers are in a great position to offer streamlined features and unlock new revenue streams.
The launch of the AppCarouselMonetization Suite for the automotive market provides single sign-on access, user profile and entitlements management, and a commerce experience in a single OEM-branded interface. 
OEMs can deploy the Connected Car Platform on its own, or with the Monetization Suite to allow drivers to choose and purchase the apps, updates and services that are valuable to them.

VR Multimedia Software to the Masses

While at the early stage, the emerging virtual reality industry is steadily luring mass consumer adoption.
VR headset, camera manufacturers, online video, new consumer PCs, content and software tools are leading the momentum.
A player likeCyberLink announces upgrade of its entire line of video playback and editing software to support VR and 360-degree content.
The game charger is to ensure solutions that are feature-rich, easy to use and affordable.