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Internet businesses, ADSL and Web Hosting, ecommerce and online and mobile applications and services: the real value of MTN Group.

So far, compared to its voice and SMS services, where the Group currently achieves great revenues, MTN Group (leading telco operator in Africa) still struggles to develop its operating model strategy and has failed to achieve great performances when it comes to data services and in the information, communication and technology (“ICT”) industry. However, it is exciting to observe and witness that, MTN and Rocket Internet is creating a joint venture to develop internet businesses in the Middle East, and MTN invests in online and mobile applications and services.
The new milestone focuses on an agreement with Brendan Armstrong, Angus MacRobert, Peter Meintjes, Greg Payne, Frank Payne and Gian Visser and their family trusts and investment company in terms of which MTN South Africa will subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions precedent acquire a shareholding of 50% plus one