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Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26.2 billion to accelerate the growth of Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics

LinkedIn is experiencing an exceptional re-founding moment; while the company will retain its distinct brand, culture and independence. 
In the same occasion, Microsoft is positioning as a key player when it comes to connect professionals to make them more productive and successful.  LinkedIn, Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics are at the core of stakes.

Duck Creek Technologies on Digital and Data Capabilities Available to Insurers Worldwide

This 2016 Suite Release focuses on improved agility, increased efficiencies and expands international capabilities. 
The new software suite as a whole focuses on delivering the functionality that can make it easier for insurers to connect, engage, and transact business through any channel or device and utilize data to attain critical insights and improve business management.

Gaming Toothbrush on IBM Cloud for more exciting and useful experiences

Children as their health are at the core of our major preoccupations. Increasingly the combination of smart technologies, apps and devices is bringing up new experiences that are helping us to worry less.
Grush for instance is leveraging IBM Cloud’s cognitive capabilities for its interactive gaming toothbrush for children to turn brushing into a real-time interactive app on mobile devices through Bluemix and the Watson Analytics API. 
Grush can capture thousands of data points while a child is brushing and sends them via Bluetooth to the IBM Cloud, where they are analyzed and turned into fun mobile brushing games. 
Children can therefore wipe away monsters in the areas of the mouth that have not been brushed. Then, children’s parents and dentists can track their brushing.

New developer program, to make it easier to build in-car apps for a growing list of global automakers

While at the early stages, the connected car industry is charting its way with bold technologies, tools, innovation, apps, services and projects. 
SmartDeviceLink as an open-source software on which the Ford AppLink™ platform is built aims to provide users an easier way to access their favorite smartphone apps via voice command or touch screen interface.
Its new developer program aims to make it easier to build in-car apps for a growing list of global automakers that have adopted or are exploring adoption of the Ford-created smartphone app interface standard. 
One can also observe that, part of Ford SYNC®, AppLink is available on more than 6 million Ford vehicles globally, and is expected to reach 28 million more by 2020.

A path to standardization for connected cars through a new data collection protocol

The stakes reside in: telematics data collection, data transfer from in-car sensors, analytics across all Java-based on-board units, auto innovation, openness, tailorization, scalability, cutting-edge connected and more.
Aware of these stakes, OctoTelematics and Oracle are developing a non-proprietary protocol for telematics data collection, within the in-vehicle Java Virtual Machine (JVM) environment. 
The resulting software layer will provide a path to standardization for connected cars. From zero standard way to extract telematics data from vehicles, the new data collection protocol also aims to provide car manufacturers with the fastest way to integrate insurance and fleet telematics services.
November 2016 OCTO will launch a pilot to build a proof of concept in collaboration with a car manufacturer. The final standard will be launched to the Java community in May 2017.