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Good Technology Next Generation Secure Mobile Collaboration Suite: here is the real stake!

IT-professionals, analysts, specialists and developers are unanimous, mobile devices are enabling a new generation of collaboration. In this momentum three drivers are progressively boosting mobile collaboration strategies and investments in the enterprise: bring your own device (BYOD), personal cloud file sharing, and the increasing availability of

Connected vehicle and embedded automotive applications: the real value of Abalta Technologies.

Well known and appreciated in the connected vehicle ecosystem, since 2003, Abalta Technologies demonstrates its ability to deliver innovative software solutions to the automotive industry. observes that, from embedded automotive applications to connected vehicle solutions, Abalta has worked with OEMs and Tier One suppliers to deliver innovations with a portfolio of the over 60 of the most recognizable brands in

The Hyundai Genesis sedan will be the first car to be control via Google Glass.

Google Glass certainly is going to transform our lives and the way we communicate with others and machines. At Hyundai, this is henceforth official; Google Glassowners buying a new Hyundai will soon be able to control basic functions of their car straight from their headset. Hyundai announced an app that will be released alongside its Genesis sedan. Meaning that owners of both Glass and a 2015 Genesis will be able to use the headset to find their vehicle, automatically start it, send addresses to its

Digital signatures: the real value of DocuSign.

Acknowledged in its ecosystem and appreciated in certain industries and geographies, DocuSign, with the release of DocuSign Winter 14 in December 2013, paves its way and aims to make digital signatures easier, faster and more convenient to use. 
Henceforth with the introduction of the DocuSign Express Digital Signature, digital signatures aim to become easier, faster and more convenient to use. recalls that, the DocuSign Express Digital Signature is entirely cloud-based and can be added by senders with a single click, and is automatically issued at the time of signing without additional steps for the signer. has also captured more features including the ability to save, schedule, and customize reports. Meaning that, users will be able to select which data to include, send reports via email, specify additional recipients, and set their preferred delivery schedule.
DocuSign enables sight and hearing impaired signers to sign documents with in adherence …

According to IDC, Revenue from Niche Solutions Will Drive Network Security Appliances Market Growth in South Africa.

Progressively, it becomes obvious that, with new and complex cyber threats expected to increase in the next five years, innovations will surround niche solutions such as signature-less protection across multivectors and in near real time, cloud network security, and appliances designed to protect data based on a combination of inherent vulnerability and potential exploits. Despite the fact that, Enterprises are faced with insufficient funds and lack of in-house expertise, thinks that, it is imperative to put in place an organization-wide threat management process framework to intelligently detect and manage advanced persistent threats (APTs) in house and/or via third parties. Besides threat detection and mitigation components, network monitoring and reporting by leveraging data analytics applications to compare normal and abnormal network states will be essential components of the intelligent framework. According to IDC, the value of the South African security applian…

Solution for Detecting, Resolving, and Preventing Advanced Threats online: the real value of FireEye.

The cyber-attacks progressively, gain in sophistication and in resurgence; in terms technologies, communication and hackers. Based on these realties, the solutions makers or providers have to be able in real time to detect and prevent attacks on both the network and on endpoints. Among the solutions makers and providers, FireEyepaves its way with its increasing ability to stop today’s advanced cyber attacks. Progressively this company, gain in

Produits et systèmes connectés au salon CES 2014 : ce que vaut Arrayent et ses partenaires.

Comme la mobilité, le Bigdata, le Cloud, l’internet des objets est une tendance de l’heure et certainement celle de l’avenir et c’est le cœur de métier de En effet, du détecteur de fumée à la voiture connectée, nous ne sommes qu’au début de l’ère du tout connecté. Notre intérêt pour le CES 2014, et l’internet des objets, nous emmène à parler d’un acteur très important de l’écosystème : il s’agit de Arrayent capable d’apporter la

The 4Q-2013 Competitive Assessment for the US$ 10B Network Managed Services calls out its leaders.

The huge reality in the Network Managed Services market is that, this ecosystem is very competitive. Today, has captured this report from ABI Research which shows that, the lead positions in the Telecom race goes to the companies keeping an eye on the long-haul and those with flawless execution in a seemingly stagnant

2014 International CES Exhibitor Profiles: Phase1.

For you dear professionals, has captured this set of profiles with the goal to help discover the doers of innovations. Thanks to businesswire. The 2014 International CES, is billed as and the world’s largest consumer technology event,it takes place January 7 - 10, 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), the LVH, and The Venetian.