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A smart drone management startup, an aerial data analytics company and a school admissions management startup.

Henceforth via the explanation available here, you can deeply improve your knowledge, when it comes to technological startups and funding landscape, technological enterprises and innovators across the world.
DroneDeploy, (Launched in 2013, a smart drone management startup headquartered in San Francisco), has raised $2 million in seed funding from SoftTech VC, Data Collective, Redpoint Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and AngelPad. With DroneDeploy, it can be easier to fly small drones and analyze captured images. DroneDeploy will use the new cash to build out additional applications and expand its customer base.
SchoolMint,( Founded in 2013, a school admissions management startup based in San Francisco), has raised $2.2 million in seed funding led by NewSchools Venture Fund, Runa Capital, and Crosslink Capital with participation from Kapor Capital, Imagine K12, Romulus Capital, Fresco Capital, and angels Jared Kopf

Mobile Application Development Platform: new realities and recommendations.

In our mobile-driven world, powered by the big data, smart sensors, customized services, intuitive applications, powerful contents and sophisticated cyberattacks; the way we design, develop, deploy, and maintain applications is redefined. This means, a modern developer must appropriate this reality and he needs inter alia: a rich set of tools, methodologies, good practices and cloud-based services into the hands. A modern developer needs a complete range of relevant tools to create, deploy, manage and secure mobile apps, on-premise or in the cloud.

Modern developer must focuses on cross-platform development, deployment and management across the full life cycle. Platforms that are easy to purchase, program, deploy and upgrade, are always welcome.

Integrated software and services for mobile management, payments, security and engagement are exciting and encouraging.

The platforms that helps developers integrate analytics, workflow and back-end systems, and can ensure greater enterprise s…

Powerful Analytics for Everyone: stakes, IBM Watson Analytics and recommendations.

The massive online Courses are among the emerging digital trends which transform and revolutionize how people interact with the knowledge. Knowledge is power and it is exciting to see how Massive Online Courses (MOC) democratize this power through intuitive, simple, flexible, seamless and secure tools.
In our digital ever changing world, this approach is critical and encouraging. Along this trend, Analytics for Everyone is a holistic methodology to accelerate productivity within enterprises.
This means, instead of  Analytics exclusively designed for data scientists and analysts, skills required are reduced to help everyone engage, understand, source: the data, cleanse and refine it, discover insights, predict outcomes, visualize results, create reports or dashboards, and collaborate with others., salutes a set of efforts deployed by IBM via Watson Analytics, billed as, a natural language-based cognitive service that can provide instant access to powerful predictive and…

Worldwide Location Services for Machine to Machine SIM Cards: context, realities, recommendations and solution.

Among the most exciting-emerging technologies in our digital-driven world, the Internet of Things helps and will help us inter alia to streamline our operations on the field. It is also encouraging to see that, mobile carriers can leverage the low cellular network frequencies, when it comes to provide the competitive routes machines need for dynamically interact and communicate with us ., soon #Retinknow encourages Orange in its new commitment to provide real-time location tracking of corporate assets and equipment anywhere in the world via cellular networks., soon #Retinknow can observe that, with the new Machineto Machine (M2M) worldwide geolocation offering, enterprises can choose either the turnkey version accessible from the Orange Business Services M2M web portal (including its SIM card location mapped interface) or an API option .
Therefore, when it comes to Worldwide Location Services for Machine to Machine,, soon #Retinkno…