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Reactor, a ‘’foundational’’ framework for asynchronous applications on the JVM is now available.

This framework henceforth available aims to provide abstractions for Java, Groovy and other JVM languages to make building event and data-driven applications easier. In fact the goal behind this

Microsoft has released 10 bulletins, addressing 33 vulnerabilities in Microsoft products.

Among these bulletins, we have two critical and eight important: addressing 33 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Server and Tools, and .NET

Breaking News: The BlackBerry Q5 now reveals for youthful fans: Features and Availability worldwide

It is henceforth official, following the weeks of rumors. BlackBerry Q5 has been revealed during the BlackBerry Live keynote. This new device available in three colors (White, Red and Black) brings

1Password, your Password Manager and Secure, accommodates major update in Version 4.2

1Password can help you remember your passwords and keep them secured behind your Master Password. This also means remember your Master Password and 1Password will remember the rest.
In fact, 1Password is designed to generate strong, unique passwords

New Twitterrific 5.2.2 for Twitter includes now new image service.

Twitterrific for your mobile lets you browse mentions and direct messages from a single view and the new theme panel enables you to tailor the way tweets are displayed. This also means more or less quickly respond to tweets, change accounts or view conversation.
In addition of the major features already available, the new version

Twitter rachète la startup Lucky Sort : Comprendre les Enjeux.

Les réseaux sociaux, les Blogs et les sites de production des données scientifiques ont quasiment fait exploser la masse de données circulant sur internet. Désormais on a à faire chez les

Breaking News: Nokia announces the Nokia Lumia 925: Price, Tech Specs and availability worldwide.

Nokia Lumia 925 is henceforth reveals with a smarter camera and a new look , metal-finished design, a new AMOLED display to make it possible to view the content from more angles, and new features

Nouveau Modèle Sony Xperia ZR : Le smartphone étanche à 13 mégapixels.

Sony continue donc la diversification de ses modèles de Smartphones. Le but est de laisser les empreintes à chaque étape. La tactique semble avoir du succès malgré les ventes pas très

Dell and Intel talk about the State of Local Startups and Small Businesses.

Henceforth the report is available for the public. It includes the collective research both companies have completed across nine cities.
Theses series of Think Tank discussions focused on small business

Hana Enterprise Cloud désormais disponible chez l’allemand SAP.

Les différents éditeurs de logiciels, qu’il s’agisse de Dell, Cisco, Oracle ou alors l’allemand SAP, chacun à tour de rôle déploie des offres Cloud. Qu’elles soient en mode Saas, Iaas ou Paas. C’est une tendance du moment. On déploie pour faire mieux que les

SoundCloud 2.6 for your iPhone and iPad Available now.

Withthis app, you can discover new music and audio; hear fresh tracks from the community of musicians, bands, producers and audio creators of all types. Henceforth in addition of the major feature already available,

Breaking news: A new Dart Editor build available.

Today the Dart staff is releasing a new Dart Editor build, available here!Changes henceforth include:

Retour sur un cheval de Troie ciblant les comptes Facebook.

De plus en plus les attaques ciblant les comptes Facebook sont multiformes et davantage plus sophistiquées. Mais généralement elles s’appuient sur les mêmes racines pour s’émouvoir. C'est-à-dire

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent: Week ending May 12, 2013

This week we have four newcomers in this chart: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is the most downloaded movie.
The data available in this chart are collected by TorrentFreak, and is