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Have design embedded in their DNA in our digital-driven world.

The Design when well-combined, transforms all around us, it inspires, and it provides the feeling of the grandeur.
Therefore not amazing to observe that, today’s most successful companies like Google and Apple have design embedded in their DNA. recalls that good quality design can improve people’s lives and can create exceptional value for businesses. This is why we work to bring the design and business communities together, rises awareness and help develop the skills which are a vitally important to our digital economy. 
Therefore encourages companies and organizations that recognise and value the importance of design, bringing it into the heart of what they do.

Leverage the power of social networks, to amplify the online visibility of the event.

Social sharing through social media is henceforth at the core of the online visibility in our Big data-driven world.
When a writer or people love a video, a son, a comment, or a blogpost intuitively they favorite it, recommend or they share it.
With a platform like Sociabble you can mobilize advocate communities to empower brand communication and events. Sociabble, is a brand advocacy tool that leverages the power of social networks, to amplify the online visibility of the event. 
Before, during and after the event, Sociabble aggregates and displays the social media feeds of the brand, guest speakers and partners; allowing attendees and online audiences to view content and share it directly on their own social networks.

Cyber defenses in our advanced persistent threat (APT)’s world.

It is very complex to talk about Cyber defenses in our digital-driven world where nation-state cyber-attacks, advanced persistent threat (APT), and polymorphic malicious binaries threaten our infatuation for digital services. 
Cyber threats are becoming increasingly more sophisticated: from rudimentary and standard malicious binaries, often referred to as viruses; cybercriminal community continuously modify the way that their malicious binaries or executables appeared, such that signatures could no longer be applied effectively. 
As of this reality, henceforth, we talk about polymorphic malicious binaries: the modification of the way the executable looks, without executing it. If the code of the binary looks different, the signature for the code will also be different, rendering signature based defenses, such as those often included in antivirus solutions, ineffective. 
This new form of malware is advanced persistent threat (APT), including polymorphic malicious binaries and other attrib…