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Showing posts from July 12, 2013

Carte grise et plaques d'immatriculation en ligne : démontre sa volonté d’être une référence.

La réalité stratégique veut que le vent du e-commerce tourne vers l’Asie et l’Afrique, cependant les marchés matures en l’occurrence la France reste attractif si les niches disponibles sont bien

Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Update Offers New Games, Outfits and Hats.

The StreetPass Mii Plaza application is, henceforth in the dynamic of expansion. This means as from now: ·A free update that adds touch-screen controls, ·a new layout ·Four new games available for purchase, ·Nintendo 3DS owners will receive new expressions and greeting options for their StreetPass Mii characters. ·Nintendo 3DS owners who connect wirelessly to the Internet

“Emerging Opportunities in the Credit Card Market in Egypt: Market Size, Industry Drivers and Consumer Trends”

With about 85 millions of inhabitants, Egypt is one of the biggest countries of the African continent. Entitled: Emerging Opportunities in the Credit Card Market in Egypt: Market Size, Industry Drivers and Consumer Trends, this report is the result of extensive research into the financial services

Globacom Nigeria launched a new innovative product tagged Phonelord, to reward its subscribers.

Well known in Cameroon, since more or less 3 years, the bonus on calls and SMS arrives in Nigeria. This new strategy is part of Globacom Nigeria dynamic for diversify its portfolio and seduce

IBM Global Training Provider: Avnet Technology Solutions Selected as IBM Global Training Provider.

To help people, its customers improve their knowledge and get easy access to its technologies, solutions and services, Avnet Technology has been selected by IBM to serve as an IBM Global Training

Attention : Josselin Baussay via Bisatel est accusé d’escroquerie et de mensonges industriels sur Viadeo.

Il ne se passe pas deux jours de suite sans que Connectikpeople ne découvre une histoire, un réseau d’escroquerie ou de tentatives d’arnaques sur le réseau professionnel Viadeo. Notre dernière découverte nous plonge au cœur d’une histoire

The Cloud Application Foundation is now available at Oracle: stakes and opportunity for you.

As companies continue to struggle about  costs reduction and increasing productivity, Oracle launched Oracle’s Cloud Application Foundation, which provides a unified platform across

New Toshiba TB67S10xA" series brings high voltage, high current and low heat-generation.

In its dynamic to improve its products, today, Toshiba announced the launch of the "TB67S10xA" series of stepping motor driver ICs that realize high voltage, high current and low heat-generation.
Pending the sample shipment as from July 17, 2013, we may recall

IBM MobileFirst solutions: Sprint Velocity more than ever committed to improve the consumer experience.

For improve its services and  deliver a more personalized responsive connected car experience, Sprint henceforth includes IBM MobileFirst solutions in its infrastructure. This means, as part

Produits et Technologies Nucléaires : Alstom signe un accord de coopération avec le chinois Dongfang Electric.

Le marché chinois du nucléaire est en pleine croissance, une dynamique encouragée par les autorités de Pékin qui ont décidé de relancer la construction des centrales nucléaires de ‘’troisième génération’’. Alstom l’un des acteurs du secteur le plus visible, voit ainsi ses

New Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41MP Camera: here is what we can learn!

What is billed as the surprise in terms of specs (special 41MP Camera), the new Nokia Lumia 1020 has been unveiled this afternoon. With this new release, Nokia teaches us that, more than

Video content in real time: PurpleStream is partnering with SwiftServe.

The growing demand of videos consumption shows that this segment of service on mobile or on PC, merits  the consequent investments. In this dynamic, SwiftServe, the content delivery specialist, has announced that PurpleStream is partnering with SwiftServe to deliver high-definition and high-quality video content in real time