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Elasticsearch on Google Compute Engine.

For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, Elasticsearch is an open source document-oriented search server based on Lucene. Developers can use this technology, to search and analyze large volumes of data.
Case studies or use cases available here help you deeply understand how you can harness and leverage this document-oriented search server.

Henceforth, you can click to deploy for Elasticsearch on Google Compute Engine, and set up an Elasticsearch cluster configured to your needs.

If you need help extending the platform in your environment, support, training, and commercial plugins are available from Elasticsearch.

China Online Retail Market: Vendors, trends, challenges and realities.

When it comes to China Online Retail Market, we can easily observe that, the increased role of social media in customers' decision making. Vendors from this country are trying to engage consumers with their products and websites through various social media sites and blogs. Vendors are building close relationship with consumers. 
Thanks to the disposable income of consumers, the economic development in the country is one of the major drivers of the market. 
When it comes to challenges, inefficient logistics infrastructure is one of the major challenges that the market faces. Key Vendors include : Alibaba Group Amazon China Jindong Mall (360buy) Suning Commerce Group Tencent Group

The Global Connected Car M2M Connections and Services market: usages, trends, realities, Key Vendors, challenges and drivers.

This post responds to our deep willingness to help you access to critical reports and data.
This report considers the connections that use shared car management, insurance, navigation, entertainment and web access, emergency service, security tracking, and vehicle platform applications. 
The report is also restricted to revenue generating from high-end vehicles, which support connected car M2M connection and connected car M2M services. 
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, a connected car has a device present inside an automobile that is connected to other devices in the car or network or services outside.
An M2M connection refers to the connections established between two electronic or mechanical devices for automated data transmission. 
A connected car M2M connection refers to automated wireless data transmission between two cars, the car and OEMs, car and third-party service providers, car and enterprises, car and internet capable devices, or car and infrastructure…

New Encryption Options for Amazon RDS and AWS Key Management Service.

Following the launching of AWS Key Management Service (AWS Key Management Service (KMS)) last year, to help you to implement key management at enterprise scale with facility to create and rotate keys, establish usage policies, and to perform audits on key usage, henceforth , you can encrypt data at rest in Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) database instances running MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle Database. Encryption (AES-256) and decryption are applied automatically and transparently to RDS storage and to database snapshots.