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Apple's ResearchKit, IBM Watson Health Cloud and HealthKit frameworks in our mobile and data-driven age

It is more and more moving to see how cloud and analytics capabilities provide additional tools to help accelerate discoveries across a wide variety of health issues.
Health Cloud and Watson cognitive computing capabilities will support health data entered by customers in iOS apps using Apple'sResearchKit and HealthKit frameworks. salutes this combination and recalls that:
 ResearchKit is an open source software framework that gives medical researchers the tools to ‘accelerate’ medical studies. 
When it comes to HealthKit, it can be used to create apps that monitor health behaviors and help encourage users to adhere to their treatment plan. Participants who opt-in to apps using ResearchKit can also contribute their health information to medical research/science/medicine.

Henceforth, for apps using HealthKit and ResearchKit, IBM will provide a delivery platform through Health Cloud to easily store, aggregate and model data, combining it with other data sources and …

Enterprise Video Integration with Microsoft Office 365.

In our digital age, enterprises and organizations need holistic tools to create, manage, secure, deliver and measure the success of their videos, when it comes to engage and empower employees, partners, clients, and more. Qumu’s Enterprise Video integration with Microsoft Office 365 within Microsoft’s Office App Marketplace, consists of numerous ready-to-use configurable app parts that site owners can insert into any page on their sites. recalls that Storage and management of the video resides within the Qumu Enterprise platform, which can be located in the cloud or behind an organization’s firewall depending on requirements.

Amazon WorkSpaces API & CLI in our digital age.

Henceforth, beyond the AWS Management Console, WorkSpacesincluded APIand CLI(Command-Line Interface) support. 
Meaning inter alia that: you can now describe available directories and bundles, create and describe WorkSpaces, and perform maintenance operations (rebuild, reboot, and terminate WorkSpaces) from your own code.

Data about patient behaviors and their engagement with care plans: the real value of IBM.

IBM pursues its strategic and critical investments in healthcare industry. Watson Health is the core this momentum with the goal to inter alia: primary care providers, large hospital systems and physician networks improve healthcare quality and effect healthier patient outcomes.
Phytel, one of the leading providers of integrated population health management software, will soon alongside with Explorys, turn insight into action to improve health quality.

innovations in Africa with business potential.

Thanks to a set of organizations like Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA), young entrepreneurs from the African’s continent demonstrate each year their creativities and how their innovations can contribute to Africa’s growth, development and prosperity.

Innovations hub in Africa gain in maturity when it comes to: unlock the innovation potential of the continent; make Africa a juncture of innovative and prosperous nations; promote research and innovation and make the national innovation system a force for development.
This year, has captured for you a diverse range of innovations from agriculture, to education and e-health.

            1- A patented alternative to livestock antibiotics (by Adnane Remmal, Morocco). This is a composition of natural phenolic molecules with anti-microbial (anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal) properties. The natural, innovative formula reduces the health hazard to cattle and humans, and prevents the transmission of multi-resistant ge…

Healthcare analytics technologies in our digital age.

It is more and more moving to observe the maturation of Healthcare analytics technologies when it comes to extract and share deep insights to improve wellness and benefit patient; identify patterns in diseases, treatments and outcomes; deliver quality, effective healthcare for the individual and more. encourages development of holistic platforms to enable the aggregation and discovery of health data and allow information to be securely identified, shared and combined with a dynamic and constantly growing aggregated view of clinical, health and social research data.
IBM has acquired Explorys, a healthcare intelligence cloud company that has built one of the largest clinical data sets in the world.
With Explorys, IBM aims to accelerate the delivery of IBM Health Cloud and IBM Watson cognitive solutions to model and apply medical evidence and large scale analytics to data.