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The combination of MapR, Cloud Deployment Options for Hadoop and Amazon Web Services.

We live in a cloud and data-driven age where we need quick and easy way to execute big data projects in the Cloud.
So, it is more and more exciting to see that, streamlined capabilities that make it simple to move data in the cloud and integrate wide-ranging data sets and applications mature and democratize. 

Stakes related to scalability and reliability, flexibility and real-time, continuous workloads in the cloud are the game-changer.
Henceforth, all three editions of the MapR Distribution: Community Edition, Enterprise Edition and Enterprise Database Edition are available in AWS Marketplace, including support of Apache Spark for rapid development of batch, interactive and streaming applications. salutes this momentum that brings high performance, enterprise-grade Hadoop in the AWS Cloud.

SAP HANA Vora™ software in our data-driven world.

Data-centric enterprises including financial services, telecommunications, healthcare and manufacturing and more are facing various and increasing bottlenecks and challenges when it comes to enhance their decision-making with full understanding of their business activities.
Fortunately streamlined Big data technologies are more and more mature and sophisticated with endless capabilities to deal with these challenges.
In this momentum, SAP HANA Vora™ software, a new in-memory computing for Hadoop and new capabilities planned for SAP HANA® Cloud Platform aims to help data-centric companies with enriched interactive analytics on Hadoop.

IBM Bluemix and open source approach to both LoopBack and Express.

Following the recent acquisition of StrongLoop by IBM, a set of distractive speculations  spike up. The truer is that, LoopBack is built on top of Express; there is no immediate change in LoopBack’s and Express’ goals and ideals. You can experience (video) the LoopBack framework on the IBM Bluemix platform-as-a-service. 
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, StrongLoop is billed henceforth asthe quickest, easiest way to sustainably build APIs to meet the needs of mobile, cloud and now IoT.
Node as a low level asynchronous library for developing networking applications in a highly scalable and easy way.

New momentum for Google Cloud Console app for Android and iOS.

The goal remains at the heart preoccupations when it comes to streamline your daily experiences with and on Google Cloud Platform services.
Henceforth with a new major release of the Google Cloud Console app for Android and iOS, you can inter alia: ·Respond to incidents on the go and manage a greater number of Google Cloud Platform services, ·Receive alerts to help you respond quickly to production issues, keeping track of your monthly spend, ·Manage Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine resources, ·take care of Google Cloud Storage buckets, manage Google Cloud SQL instances, and even SSH into virtual machines
You can download Cloud Console for Android or iOS.