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Here is how Geo-fencing technology is used for belongings

Geo-fencing technology is used to provide alerts to the individual, notifying them when they get too far from their belongings so that these items can be retrieved before it is too late.

Smart trackers in our ever-connected data-driven world

For those who are unfamiliar, Smart trackers are tiny gadgets that are attached to or placed inside important items or valuables. A smart tracker is a device that functions on Bluetooth, GPS, and cellular technology. The device is paired with an app on the smartphone and is used to find or locate missing items. Smart trackers are miniaturized devices working on Bluetooth or GPS technology to locate items that have been misplaced. This device also notifies an individual if he or she leaves behind any item. According toResearch and Markets, Low price will drive adoption. The firm also reveals that, the simplicity of design and small size of these devices reduces the manufacturing cost of the product significantly. This allows the device manufacturers to price their offerings at a reasonable rate. The relatively inexpensive nature of smart trackers and the ease with which it can find small but valuable items that often get misplaced make this a much-needed gadget with significant potential…