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Visual Data Discovery in our data-driven age.

To make sense of vast amount of data, the Visual Data Discovery’s approach goes beyond static reports and graphs, by finding the correlations, clusters, patterns, and outliers that can help you improve business performance.
This approach brings inter alia: intuitive ability to find the actionable data; can help ask questions of the data and see results instantly, and you don’t need help from IT to explore your data.
Whenever you need to, you can connect directly to multiple data sources, build your own analytical dashboards, adjust the settings, and start exploring your data.

Here is what matters when it comes to Network Functions Virtualization!

Communications service providers (CSPs) in our digital age are looking the most secure and streamlined way to deliver their services.
In this quest, Network Functions Virtualization and Data can help them meet the reliability, flexibility, scalability and performance requirements.
They can also enhance real-time decision making; design, deploy, and manage networking services quickly and cost-effectively.
The real time using of NFV data improves uptime, traffic steering, resource, application and network usage. 
Predictive analytics brings critical insights on trending as well as historical capacity usage and threshold crossing warnings (alarms).

Trusted, secure, productive and private (mobile or web) messenger nowadays.

In our digital age, we are more and more call to concede a bit of our privacy and security when it comes to democratize our end-to-end digital experiences.
However, there is an acceptable level of confidence likely to convene world leaders, celebrities, executives, journalists, human rights activist and your closest friends.

This acceptable level recommended by requires: holistic encrypted messages, pictures, videos, audio files and documents.

Trusted, secure and private (mobile or web) messenger should be able to protect your address book (never store your contacts on the servers).

The expiration time on all your messaging content; no metadata from any media you send, integral anonymity; groups of communication; no recover for deleted messages and media; zero personal information to sell; zero back door; fast login; ID Connect support for all TLDs; and a Bug Bounty Program are the critical requirements when it comes to trusted, secure, productive and private (mobile…

Data intelligence and data monitoring technology within the manufacturing industry.

With Data intelligence and data monitoring technology within the manufacturing industry, the stakes are henceforth determined when it comes to:
Rapidly evolve your assembly processes to ensure top product quality and real-time results,
Help increase productivity excellence,
Differentiate in the overall quality of products,
Help maximize overall control of your production by increasing visibility, product traceability and reporting.
Streamlined data collection and centralized production processes like improved statistical process control with real-time quality data recording and analysis are among unmatched benefits to boost worker productivity and generate new revenue streams.