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‘Filling the Void in Cloud Adoption with Cloud Management Providers’

According toResearch and Markets, with the ascension of the cloud, and changes in the provider community and new services and features being a routine occurrence, the need for navigational assistance is not surprising. 

''What is potentially more interesting is how the surgical focus of CMPs on their customers' workloads will change how IT and security technologies and services will be procured and used in the future''.

Cloud-Delivered Security: a new millstone for OpenDNS.

The Cloud is henceforth indispensable as a technology, but performance, security, productivity and agility remain the real stakes for each adoption and deployment. salutes the appointment of Brian Roddy as Executive Vice President of Engineering and Operations at OpenDNS. Roddy is an expert in building scalable cloud infrastructure and network security products
This demonstrates the deep willingness of OpenDNSto grow and extend the capabilities of its cloud-based security platform and meet the needs of today’s businesses, challenges and threats. 

“I’m excited to join the OpenDNS engineering team, and I look forward to continuing the company’s tradition of innovation, recruiting great technical talent and scaling our technology infrastructure for future success,” said Brian Roddy, Executive Vice President of Engineering at OpenDNS.

Platform to Create Custom Email Apps in our data-driven world.

In our mobile-driven world, flooded by a huge volume of data from multiple sources, the inbox is henceforth a critical environment to collaborate, communicate, improve your productivity, and performance, focus on the essential without procrastinate on your privacy and security. 
Gusto, a company focused on simplifying our digital lives, announces a new platform that aims to enable businesses to quickly develop purpose-built email apps. observe that, you can use the company’s new public API, or choosing to have Gusto develop an enterprise-class email, cloud storage and secure sharing solution . 
Gusto is available for both iPhone and web, and recently launched support for iPad. Gusto supports multiple email accounts through Gmail,, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, iCloud and IMAP, as well as social accounts Facebook and Instagram. 
The newest version of Gusto introduces support for Flickr and cloud storage provider Dropbox. 
The free version of the Gusto email app is availa…

Mobile Robotics: industries involved, major trends, major challenges and key vendors.

The robotic has demonstrated its prowess within industries and when critical missions, but remains less known by the population.
Beyond a set of bottlenecks related to the migrating to the latest technology, the fear of interoperability and lack of compatibility among vendors, the demotic can play a determinant role when it comes to democratize this technology. recalls that a mobile robot is an automatic machine that is not fixed to one position. It is capable of moving in an environment for which it is designed. It can function autonomously or can be remotely controlled. 
Mobile robots have been deployed in the Aerospace and Defense industry, and progressively emerge within industrial and commercial applications. 
According to Research and Markets, the growing use of mobile robots in industrial and commercial applications is forcing vendors to invest more in R&D so that they can fulfil the requirements of end-users.

''One of the main drivers in the market i…

Cloud, Mobility, and Big Data in the North Africa region: trends, drivers and complexities.

The emerging technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, and Big Data/Analytics are the critical factors for the flexibility, scalability, agility, productivity and performance that enterprises need and are looking for.
The North Africa region undergoes these influences. Particularly in this region, when it comes to Cloud and its corollaries, a large proportion of deployments will be conducted via the public cloud model because organizations and a set of enterprises will be unable to find the skilled staff and critical resources to implement and run such environments in their own private infrastructures. 
Therefore, this will raise its own set of complexities as organizations become open to new vulnerability points, and will result in the focus across the region being not only on solutions deployment, but also on the implementation of advanced security policies.
According to International Data Corporation's newly released predictionsfor the year 2015, the telecommunications, banking and f…

Voice Recognition: popularity, main factors, trends, challenges and key vendors.

Beyond a set of challenges related to the lack of accuracy in voice recognition systems, it is encouraging to observe that, this technology has become very popular in mobile banking, and in the Healthcare industry. 
Mobile banking requires identification of authenticated users by their spoken commands to help them make transactions.
When it comes to Healthcare industry, Voice recognition helps in improving efficiency by reducing the time taken for notes and filling out charts for patients. Also, this helps in dictating notes and improves time saving for diagnosing and treating patients. 
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, Voice recognition is a software that has the ability to convert and decode human voice into speech easily understood by a computer. It is an ability of a machine to receive, understand, and dictate the spoken commands. 
Voice recognition is used inter alia for biometric security purposes to determine the voice of a particular person to grant or de…