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Showing posts from September 23, 2016

Vodafone + Afrimax for LTE data services in Cameroon

Despite limited market opportunities, the battle for high-speed data services in Cameroon is rising since the arrival of Nexttel, a Vietnam-based Telco.
Vodafone and Afrimax join the momentum as new vendors focusing on small and medium enterprises. 
Connectivity products include LTE and Wi-Fi mobile data services, fixed Internet and a suite of office solutions available at retail and through direct sales channels. 
The two companies will launch LTE data services under the ‘Vodafone Cameroon’ brand initially in Cameroon’s two biggest cities, Douala and Yaoundé. 
The roll out of Vodafone Cameroon for consumers and businesses will include the opening of Vodafone branded retail stores and kiosks in key locations, supported by a network of distributors and resellers offering an attractive range of LTE handsets and devices.

Lenovo™, Intel®, PayPal® and Synaptics® to Bring FIDO® Authentication to Laptops

At the core of stakes, we have constructive collaboration to bring a simple and safe online authentication to PCs with the FIDO-enabled embedded fingerprint solution.
In effect, the collaboration will enable Lenovo devices owners to be able to authenticate to online FIDO-enabled services like PayPal by using a fingerprint instead of a password.

Penetration of cloud platforms for various education-related software solutions, including CMS

It is exciting to see that, the deployment of cloud platforms for various education-related software solutions, including CMS, has greater penetration in developed economies, such as the US. These economies are the early adopters of technology, and hence CMS solutions are in demand. When it comes to emerging regions, such as Africa and Latin America, they have been reported to witness a gradual rise in awareness levels. 
This is evidenced from the active participation of the respective national governments to improve their education systems, according to Jhansi Mary, one of the lead education technologyresearch analysts at Technavio.

The impact of Blockchain Applications in the Healthcare Industry

It is obvious that, the healthcare industry is ready for a radical rethink of its traditional digital infrastructure. 
In effect, the current infrastructure does not support the security or interoperability requirements in our ever-connected digital world. 
Blockchains can provide technology solutions to these challenges: interoperability, integrity and security, and portable user-owned data. 
I can recall that, several innovative start-ups (Gem, Tierion, Factom, Guardtime, etc.) are combining blockchain technology expertise with healthcare industry experience to develop platforms and solutions.

SmartAnalytics as within the tools to analyse the massive amounts of data produced in the financial markets

It is interesting to observe that, big data, analytics and machine learning space become prevalent in the financial industry. 
Financial firms can now achieve a greater control and transparency on their critical data, they can store, analyse and visualise all the data flowing through their trading infrastructure.
In effect, having the tools to analyse the massive amounts of data produced in the financial markets can help spot patterns and correlations in trading and improve execution efficiency. The launch of smartAnalytics, a cross-asset big data analytics solution, brings up graphical reports and analysis on demand. The solution can give a 360degrees view of financial data and covers multiple reporting requirements including regulation and compliance such as Mifid II, risk, Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA), performance analysis and much more. 
The smartAnalytics open architecture allows easily exporting and sharing information with other teams: traders, sales and quants; or departments: …

Dassault Systèmes' SOLIDWORKS 2017 3D design and development portfolio

At the center of stakes, we have: Enhanced Productivity, Collaboration and Product Data Management; the Emotive Power of Design to Create Powerful Experiences. We also have: improved collaboration by unlocking new streamlined design workflows and removing barriers to third party data.  Additionally, SOLIDWORKS 2017 brings up: Multisensory experiences through innovative product design, with access to easy 3D design and development applications anytime, anywhere and on any device. 
Now, SOLIDWORKS community has more power and performance in their hands with SOLIDWORKS 2017. Both new and experienced users can improve productivity with simulation to analyze, solve, visualize and verify functionality of designs, before any prototype is created.

Skype® for Business + Pexip Infinity meeting platform

At the core of stakes, we have: Make meeting recordings easily searchable and accessible to an organization. Interoperability, live stream virtual meetings. Fully compliant with regulatory standards and audit trail requirements. Fully compliant with corporate content retention policies. 
Redundancy as well as high availability from the ground up. We also have: more options in how to collaborate; overall unified communications and more.
In effect, Skype® for Business and the Pexip Infinity meeting platform combine their technologies enabling recording, management, distribution and replay of Pexip meetings.
Skype® for Business users can now take full advantage of the enterprise-class centralized recording and streaming capability to make meeting recordings easily searchable and accessible to an organization.