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Skype 2.5 for Windows Phone8 accommodates now Message notifications for Messenger buddies.

Officially available today, this new update for Skype for Windows Phone 8version 2.5, focused also on general improvements and reliability. Therefore in addition of Message notifications for Messenger buddies built-in, we have fixed issues which include: Stability: Skype crashing on startup for some users who signed in with Microsoft Account. Notifications: Message notifications sometimes had

Warning: WordPress Sites Targeted by Mass Brute-force Botnet Attack: Tips and Threats to Discover.

Connectikpeople is aware of an ongoing campaign targeting the content management software WordPress. All hosting providers offering WordPress for web content management are potentially targets.Hackers reportedly seems utilizing over 90,000 servers to compromise
websites administrator panels by exploiting:

Dell announces solutions to transformation of your data center to a highly automated and elastic network.

The Software Defined Networking (SDN) approach, aims to provide networks with more real-time intelligence, deep application integration and high levels of automation to prepare networking technology for the rigorous demands of the cloud era. Based on this reality, Dell announces today a number of solutions that aims to help the transformation of your data center to a highly automated and elastic network. Therefore we have:

iOS apps: SugarSync updated and available in version 4.0.0

Billed as one of the best way to access, sync, and share your documents, photos, videos, music, SugarSync includes major features like: Sync any folder on your computer; Access your documents, photos, videos, or music from any computer, mobile device, or SugarSync website; Share Privately; Cloud and so on.
Henceforth the new version brings: Easy to Share new

To Celebrate the World Art Day , Google Art Project shows us how people are interacting with art online.

Launched 2 years ago The Google Art Project becomes increasingly popular in terms visits and time spend on the website per viewer.
The platform includes about 40,000 works of art; 360,000 galleries have been created, 14,000 of which are public on the web and The Starry Night by van Gogh is the one the most viewed painting in gigapixel

‘’The other most popular inclusions in user galleries (in order) are:

Android UI Design Kit in PowerPoint format has been released; Stakes and Realities.

As a developer or simply curious by Android OS which provides the vast majority of Smartphone activated in the world, this Android UI Design Kit may help you to achieve your Android project. Created using Microsoft Powerpoint 2013, according to the author : ‘’Microsoft Powerpoint, doesn’t meant to be an UI design tool, but due to the fact that it supports layering and grouping, plus it has vector shapes, which are sufficient to create some nice mock up’’.

Fraudes à la carte bancaire sur internet en France : Enjeux et Réalités avec le contexte économique.

Vous vous posez certainement la question de savoir comment frauder une carte bancaire sur internet ! Rassurez-vous c’est n’est plus une affaire des aventuriers, mais de plus en plus de véritables spécialistes pointus et réseaux organisés en gangs. En France le phénomène va croissant année sur année. FIA-NET, indique par exemple que les tentatives de

11 New Stunning and Amazing startups to follow in Asia

Interested or want to be interested by what happens in Asia in terms of technologies, innovations, internet and mobile trends, here is our new 11startups to follow. 1-Lavandera aims to streamline the laundry service industry in the Philippines and is designed to be used by both owners and customers of laundromats. 2-LongPlay is a very fun iPhone app that allows your friends to

Google with Doodle style celebrate, today in image the 360th birthday of Leonhard Euler.

Leonhard Euler was a pioneering Swiss mathematician and physicist. He made important discoveries in fields as diverse as infinitesimal calculus and graph theory.

He was born on April 15, 1707, in Basel to Paul Euler, a pastor of

La start-up Iron Pearl tombe sous le giron de Paypal : comprendre les Enjeux.

La traque des internautes est à son paroxysme, bonheur à ceux qui auront pour le mieux sorti le grand joker pour comprendre les comportements des internautes afin de les inciter à revenir, les engager ou alors les fidéliser pour un service. Avez-vous déjà attendu qu’on a acheté la poule dans le sac ? Si non ! De votre part ! Désormais c’est possible pourvue que tu ais fait tes preuves précédemment. Car Paypal vient de racheterla start-up Iron Pearl avant son