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Emergence of wireless IP surveillance

For those who are unfamiliar, I have a pleasure to recall that, increasingly, wireless IP surveillance is a highly affordable and easily deployable technology that combines wireless data transmission and IP video surveillance technologies to overcome challenges such as the lack of network infrastructure and connectivity in remote locations. Wireless IPsurveillance is now billed as a robust and flexible solution that allows surveillance cameras to connect to wireless point-to-multipoint connectivity for easy data transmission to remote locations. Thus, outdoor locations that require surveillance do not need expensive cabling for network.

Emergence of IoT in video surveillance

For those who are unfamiliar, IoT is the means through which multiple devices communicate within a network. It enables data transmission between smart devices, such as thermostats and sensors, which themselves are connected to the mobile device of an end-user. IoT includes the use of wireless video surveillance to capture videos through cameras and transmit them over a wireless network to other devices for immediate response. They also allow remote monitoring with the added advantages of easy storage and the flexibility to install more video surveillance components, such as storage devices, cameras, and video recorders, as per the company's changing requirements. 
According to Technavio, the increased demand for improved efficiency in areas, such as energy plant management, waste management, water management, and traffic control, is contributing to the rising installation of IoT worldwide. The fear of theft in residences is also prompting the installation of IoT in homes.

Emergence of thermal cameras using infrared radiation to capture images

Diving into the Thermal cameras milieu, one can observe that, Thermal cameras use infrared radiation to capture images. These cameras are heat and water-resistant and are ideal for monitoring large-scale or unique outdoor environments, such as heavily forested areas that have obstructions that make viewing difficult. Thermal security cameras are more sensitive to movements irrespective of the lighting conditions as their technology does not need an external source of light. Since criminal activities are usually attempted in the cover of darkness, thermal security cameras make an excellent adjunct to complete the outdoor wireless security surveillance systems.

Tablets increasingly ease our digital practices on a strategic shift in consumer usage patterns

Alongside exiting trends surroundings smartphone and smart wearable devices, Tablets also are steadily becoming desirable instruments for increased productivity, for entertainment but also for official purposes and in e-commerce transactions, to name a few. One can then observe that, an increase in the disposable income and subsequently a rise in consumer purchasing power has led to the adoption of tablets among a wider class of society. One can also observe that, Emerging markets such as India, China, and Brazil are showing increasing adoption of tablets. Tablets are used not only for entertainment but also for official purposes and in e-commerce transactions. Tablets (detachable, Slate, etc.) are available everywhere at affordable prices with advanced operating systems.