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Mobile Communications and Mobile Broadband Analyses

Now, it is clear that, the global mobile industry is an increasingly important sector which today plays a huge part in the economic and social progress of most countries. Current key trends include the increasing penetration of smart phones in emerging countries; increasing adoption of messaging apps, localization apps; increasing implementation of IoT technology; increasing adoption of wearable devices, infrastructure improvements and upgrades throughout the world; and looking towards the future 5G technology.

New Intel Xeon Processor E3-1200 v6 Product Family

Current trends within Latin America Online Payment Methods

When it comes to Latin America Online Payment Methods in our ever-connected world, it is obvious that, mobile payment usage is still at an early stage in this region, but is continuing to develop further. Numerous findings and International consumer surveys show that credit cards are the top online payment method in Latin America and worldwide.
According to Research and Markets, about three-quarters of Brazilian online consumers prefer to make purchases with credit cards. In Argentina, credit cards are also on an exciting curve as used online payment method. Mexico presents a different case; with PayPal as the top online payment method. Both PayPal and debit cards improved by a few percentage points in share of digital buyers from 2015 to 2016, while credit card decreased.

Current realities in the Canadian payments landscape

The Canadian payments landscape is paving is ways unearthing lots of excitements. The market is undergoing fundamental changes as new technologies vie for the attention of consumers.
Consumers embrace the convenience and functionality offered by smart phones, tablets and an almost ubiquitous internet connection. According to Research and Markets, while mobile is mainstream in many areas, mobile payments are still embryonic. The firm also reveals that, with unprecedented activity in the FinTech space, payments in Canada are likely to be transformed within the next few years.