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The hyperconverged solutions in our data-driven age

Classic datacenters are now outdated. Henceforth the new generationdatacenters are designed to meet and address the requirements of our data-driven age. 
In this momentum, with Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions, IT leaders can address the costs and complexities burdening their data centers.
Here architecture can inter alia improve: performance, protection and data efficiency, while also enabling global unified management from a single console.

SaaS-based security testing solutions in our Cloud-driven age.

Our digital age is now shacked up by increase in internet penetration, the number of security threats, and sophistication of cyberattacks.
This trend is poised to perpetuate, therefore the increase in demand for security testing services explodes with lots of expectations, when it comes mitigate risks and stop attacks.

According to Research and Markets, the Global Security Testing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.46% over the period 2014-2019. 
For those who unfamiliar, Security testing is a type of software testing service that helps in tracking the vulnerabilities in the information system. This enables rectification of the flaws in an information system and safeguards it from exposure to security breach and unauthorized access by intruders. 
SaaS-based security testing solutions are heading the excitements within enterprises and organizations with the pay-per-use model that is less expensive than traditional full-license solutions. Among others advantages …

Here is what also matters when it comes to public cloud-based big data workloads.

You know henceforth what critical role the cloud computing plays in our digital (if not click here). goes over unjustified concerns to recalls that, when it comes to public cloud-based big data workloads, it is also indispensable to foster:

Additional deployment options for your big data workloads, adding more choice to an ecosystem of hardware and cloud configurations,
An open, scalable, integrated and highly available platform featuring the industry-leading reliability, quality and stability.
These values are the game-changer when it comes to meet and fit your real needs.