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The great stakes behind integration of internal and external resources in our digital age.

The new IT Convergence that includes: cloud, social, mobile bigdata and analytics speed henceforth growth and transformation within organizations and businesses of all sizes. This momentum is also streamlined with the holistic integration of internal and external resources: hybrid cloud model.
The hybrid cloud model, on one hand, solves some of the legislative concerns about data privacy, and, at the same time, enables more flexibility, performance, productivity, price transparency and acceleration of go-to-market strategies.

$2.0B in Private Equity produce last week for Didi Kuadi , a Chinese taxi hailing app.

The sharing economy continues to drive excitements among investors that foster henceforth the established models with an increasing focus in Asia, where the market is full of promises and opportunities.Overall, nearly $2.257B have been generated last week to boost the digital economy. $2.0M in seed funding for AffinityLive, startup that automates billing and workflow management for professional service businesses using integrated cloud-based technologies.
$100M in series C for Saavn, an India's leading digital music service.Others funding include: $2.0M / Seed for AffinityLive that automates billing and workflow management for professional service businesses using integrated cloud-based technologies. Founded in 2012, the company reports over $1M in annual revenue. Investors include:Rothenberg Ventures ,Blackbird Ventures andSandy Kory. $17M / Series B for Salsify that makes product-content management software to make data accessible to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Found…

Better performance and higher value in the new era of Big Data, cloud and mobile computing.

As you can deeply observe on, we live henceforth in a digital age where the new IT Convergence including Big Data and Analytics, cloudand mobile, Social and Open source shapes and streamlines our experiences. The new IT Convergence has its requirements and fallouts that have zero secret with
Flexibility, scalability, agility, seamless, security, productivity and performance are at the core all the stakes for each stakeholder.
The dynamic behind datacenter in a box navigates on this curve with the ability to provide efficient use of computing, networking, and storage resources.
For those who unfamiliar, when it comes to datacenter in a box, talks about: server hardware, a disk storage system, networking equipment, and systems management software all integrated into a single platform. 
This approach can help accelerate data center infrastructure deployment, efficiently manage information and resources, and quickly adapt to business c…