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Local stickers or Emoji for Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Kakao Talk, etc.

Every locality in Africa, and across the world witnesses, experiences and has its own realities and trends.
This reality needs to be present in social media platforms, and apps. In our mobile-driven age, individuals, end-users, people are tired with conventional signs via stickers or Emoji. They love stickers or Emoji that highlight their local realities and trends. Mobile app users are eager to express themselves trough customized stickers or Emoji. At DINI (Deep Internet Industries), we develop stickers or Emoji highlighting trends and realities of each locality in Africa and across the world for media, individuals, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Kakao Talk, etc.

Here is what is boosting the demand for brain monitoring devices globally

Unfortunately, increasingly individuals across the world are affected by brain disorders, leading to increasing number of neurological patients. For those who are unfamiliar, various autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases, neurological and sleep disorders, and brain tumors affect the functioning of the brain. The brain monitoring devices are required for the diagnosis and monitoring of these diseases. According to Research and Markets, over the past decade, the world has witnessed a rapid increase in the number of individuals with brain disorders, which is boosting the demand for brain monitoring devices globally.

Social media analytics is an effective marketing tool for retail industry

It is now obvious that, Social media analytics is an effective marketing tool that helps the retailers in studying and analyzing the sales at various stages. The tools used by the retailers help in connecting with the audience and creating brand awareness. Social media analytics help in formulating business strategies.

Here is what Consumers are looking for when it comes to RFID smart printers

Steadily, one can observe that, with the growing popularity of RFID technology, the demand for RFID smart printers is expected to surge at an exponential rate. Consumers are looking for printers that are easy to use, hold better storage capacity, and are available at affordable price range.

Voice Capture Development Kit for Amazon Alexa Voice Service

At the core of stakes, we have Alexa-enabled products that feature high-accuracy wake-word triggering and command interpretation even in noisy environments and during music playback. In effect, Cirrus Logic has unveiled a development kit for Alexa Voice Service (AVS), optimized for smart speakers and smart home applications including voice controlled devices, hands-free portable speakers and networked speakers.
The Cirrus Logic CRD1569-1 Voice Capture Development Kit for Amazon AVS is available to qualified commercial device manufacturers through Digi-Key at OEMs developing AVS-enabled products can find more information on the Amazon Developer site:

Here is how social media analytics help government

Government agencies use social media analytic tools to gather data from social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and online reviews. These tools help governments in the continuous monitoring of data on a real-time basis. The social media analytical tools help in monitoring and optimizing traffic. These tools also help in the commissioning of the traffic police. Local politicians use social media analytics to gauge people's response toward budget and policy proposals. The government also uses it to monitor sensitive regions vulnerable to social disruptions.

Social media analytics is widely used for analyzing and interpreting travel experiences

For those who are unfamiliar, Public opinions posted on social media and blogs help the stakeholders in understanding the changing customer needs. The travel industry utilizes online conversations that are extracted with the help of social media analytical tools. In addition, social media analytics help performs an audience analysis that allows marketers to have a better understanding of the sentiments of the travelers and the investment pattern of the users. It also determines the growth of the industry by demography.