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The telecom analytics software along with various hardware and services: key trends, critical factors, regions and key vendors.

When it comes to the telecom analytics software market along with various hardware and services, it is clear that, disparities are legion from one region to another. can observe that, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe have the highest adoption of telecom analytics in the telecom ecosystem, and regions such as Latin America along with Middle East and Africa offers a lot of opportunities for the vendors.
The increasing churn and fraud along with the ever growing network congestion are the major drivers.
As you can imagine, telecom analytics is one of the best solutions that mobile operators and enterprises rely on, to inter alia: retain their existing customers; increase their revenues; preserve their existing revenues; increase sales ; improve risk management which in turn will result in reduced operational costs. 
Exchange rates, political, social, economic, and technological factors, are some of the major trends which have and will have an impact on this market.…

Prevent unwanted sharing of personal data, including credit card numbers.

In our digital-driven world, personal and sensitive data are at the core of all the stakes, challenges and threats. 
This reality drives a set of holistic initiatives, projects, developments and actions. At IBM, they focus on a cloud-based technology susceptible to help consumers better protect online personal data, including date of birth, home address and credit card numbers. observe that, the technology, called Identity Mixer, uses a cryptographic algorithm to encrypt the certified identity attributes of a user, such as their age, nationality, address and credit card number in a way that allows the user to reveal only selected pieces to third parties. 

Identity Mixer can be used within a digital wallet, which contains credentials certified by a trusted third party, such as a government-issued electronic identity card.
According researchers, the issuer of the credentials has no knowledge of how and when they are being used.

“Identity Mixer enables users to choose prec…