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Cloud and on-premises solutions for contact center, unified communications, and business process automation.

When it comes to promoting a standard for call centres, soon #Retinknow®, hails the activism of Interactive Intelligence Group Inc., in Africa, where this provider of software and services designed to improve the customer experience, activates for the creation of a call centre association for Nigeria and other African countries as a way of promoting a standard for call centres. soon #Retinknow®, recalls that, such associations have already been set up in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and plans are underway to set one up in Kenya. The African market is more and more exciting, such a way that, there will be lots of contact centre outsourcing for Africa from Europe and America. It is also exciting to observe that, organizations, telecoms companies and financial institutions, are quickly adopting call centres, as call centres have evolved and transcended beyond ordinary telephone calls, by integrating inter alia speech recognition and voice comman…

Guerre des déploiements 4G, réseaux d’entreprises, marché des équipements et des logiciels réseau : chiffres, acteurs clés et réalités.

Avec une montée en puissance de la consommation de la vidéo sur mobile, la tendance BYOD, bref, les réalités de ce que bientôt #Retinknow®, décrit comme la nouvelle convergence informatique, on va assister de plus en plus a une guerre des déploiements 4G, réseaux d’entreprises, marché des équipements et des logiciels réseau au niveau mondial. Avec plus 3milliards d’abonnés mobile, la chine avec l’Asie-Pacifique tirent cette dynamique, concentrent de plus en plus les gros investissements, au côté de l’Amérique du nord. Les principaux fournisseurs de ce marché, en termes d’équipements, logiciels, appliance, et autres restent Cisco, Huawei, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, et ZTE. Les players chinois en l’occurrence Huawei et ZTE sont de plus en dynamiques bénéficiant entre autres des fruits de leur stratégie internationale très agressive et d’une embellie du marché interne. Huawei et ZTE sont les principaux fournisseurs de China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, de nombreu…

Artificial intelligence analytics solution and SCADA training: stakes and opportunities for engineers and Cybersecurity professionals.

In our data-driven world, where the performance, security, the flexibility and the competitiveness are required at all level, it is  genial to make sure that, engineers , IT professionals, and Cybersecurity professionals are equipped with the knowledge, methods, technologies, and tools that they need in real-time.
Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. (BRS Labs),  the creator of AISight®, the artificial intelligence analytics solution that can teach itself to recognize and alert on  patterns, charts its way.
With SANS Industrial Control Systems (ICS),we talk about the industrial control systems. Both entities conjointly will host the SANS Industrial Control Systems (ICS) training this July 24, 2014 at the Westin Memorial City. This event aims to bring individuals in the control systems industry together with attendees of the week-long SANS ICS training to network and learn more about the latest technology making waves in the SCADA industry.
If unfamiliar, recalls that, …

Beware: Vulnerabilities in LZO and LZ4 compression libraries can affect you.

Image soon #Retinknow®, recalls that, recently disclosed vulnerabilities in the LZO and LZ4 compression libraries could allow remote code execution under certain circumstances. While these libraries are used by a large number of platforms and applications, not all programs may be vulnerable to exploitation.  However, soon #Retinknow®, recommends that all developers who either implement or import the LZO or LZ4 libraries into their software check for susceptibility to CVE-2014-4608, CVE-2014-4715, and CVE-2014-4611. Users and administrators should apply software security updates as they become available.

Help app developers build better apps, reach the right users, and explore new revenue opportunities: the real value of Yahoo.

Historic, real-time and forecasted figures, trends, stats, and predictions around mobile technologies, mobile applications, and mobile content and devices are quite exciting. More and more the mobility is at the heart of our daily activity as professionals, student or as a household manager. Yahoo is crossing a critical period since the arrival of Marissa Mayer, when it comes to revamp this company, with mobile as the center of everything they do. In this dynamic, a set of technological and strategic acquisitions have been made. But we are still waiting the fruits of these acquisitions, which certainly will be spread out in time. In the wake of the Q2 earnings last week, soon #Retinknow®, can observe that Yahoo mobile usage is growing.Nearly 450 million mobile monthly active users came to Yahoo, a 36% increase year-over-year. The recent acquisition of Flurry demonstrates the willingness of Yahoo!, when it comes tohelp developers build better apps, reach the right use…

Provide IT with greater WAN visibility and cloud-scale analytics.

When it comes to a cloud networking services, soon #Retinknow®, always recommends flexible, fully integrated, scalable and seamless platform which combines the easy-of-use and simplicity. soon #Retinknow®, encourages all the initiatives that can take full advantage of cloud and virtualization technologies to both simplify and fortify the WAN. VeloCloud Networks Inc., is one of the key player of this industry. Its new comprehensive subscription-based WAN service for enterprises, aims to solve the application performance and networking problems faced by branch offices. This means: simplifying branch WAN deployment and operations; replacing stacks of hardware appliances with a VeloCloud service subscription; Visualizing cloud analytics of application performance over multiple links for easy troubleshooting and provide virtualizing network services such as access control, application-aware firewall, dynamic multi-path QoS and VPN.