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Showing posts from April 24, 2013

Android apps: eBay updated in version 2.2

With this app, you can browse, shop, sell and manage your eBay activity whenever and wherever you are. Henceforth you can personalize your eBay notifications with custom ringtones. The new version allows you now to add items to your shopping cart or save for later; Pay for multiple items from different sellers

Today Google Maps are publishing more comprehensive and accurate maps for Thailand and Indonesia.

In a wonderful country like Indonesia where, you can discover more than 17,000 islands, this new update, leads you, inside these wonders. Komodo Island, world-famous dragons and so

WordPress for BlackBerry10 updated in version 2.3.1

Released today, this app required Device SoftwareTablet: 2.0.0 or higher or BB10 Smartphone: or higher. For those who unfamiliar, with WordPress for BlackBerry10 and PlayBook™, you can write posts, edit pages, and manage comments.

Amazon Web Service GovCloud: to allow US government agencies and customers to move sensitive workloads into the cloud.

This solution available at Aamazon Web Service is designed to allow US government agencies and customers to move sensitive workloads into the cloud. This means AWS GovCloud adheres to US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) as well as a variety of other audited and

IBM rachat d’Urbancode par IBM : Comprendre les Enjeux.

Sur internet ou globalement dans le domaine du numérique, tout va très vite, en termes d’innovations, concepts, tendances et habitudes des utilisateurs. En tant qu’éditeur ou fournisseur de services, il faut être capablede tenir le coup en temps réel, en termes de technologies et d’offres. Par conséquent les acquisitions représentent l’une des

Android Apps: Swype is now available on Google Play!

Pending the possibility to download Swype for your tablet, Swype Keyboard is henceforth available on Google Play and brings to you more or less a better, faster keyboard experience. This also means Swype can pay attention to the way you input text, adapts to your typing patterns for a personalized keyboard experience. It includes major features like: Voice & Text Dictionary Sync;

Finances Apple : Décryptage complet sur l’ensemble des produits du trimestre fiscal.

A l’opposé de Google qui a dévoilé ses résultats globalement positifs et en croissance et Microsoft qui stagne plus ou moins, Apple pour le deuxième trimestre fiscal, vient d’annoncer un chiffre d’affaires trimestriel de 43,6 milliards de dollars pour un bénéfice net de 9,5 milliards de dollars soit une baisse de 18% sur un an. Des chiffres qui reflètent la réalité des ventes des produits du groupe, mais

iOS apps: Tweetbot for Twitter updated in version 2.8

Tweetbot as a Twitter client includes features like: multiple timelines, smart gestures, Native Push Notifications; Mute filters; Customizable Navigation; save drafts, add locations and POI’s attach photos/videos/notes, manage your lists, and so on.
Henceforth the new version 2.8 brings: New media timeline, this means scroll to the top of a timeline and switch to the

iOS Apps: Wavii acquired by Google for $30 million : stakes and opportunity.

Henceforth official, this acquisition aims to be a direct response of Google to Yahoo!, which is putting all its effort on mobile. In terms of services and technologies. For those who unfamiliar, with Wavii you can discover what's happening in the world with instant news feeds for any topic. This mobile app can automatically creates status updates

iOS apps: Apple Store updated in version 2.6

For those who unfamiliar, with the Apple Store app, you can research, personalize, and buy products, make Bar and workshop reservations at the Apple Store.
In addition of the features already available, now with the version 2.6, you can choose to receive notifications that let you know exactly when you’re eligible for upgrade pricing.

Les Smartphones Firefox OS disponibles : enjeux et réalités.

Parmi les motivations qui poussent le plus souvent à l’acte d’achat d’un nouveau Smartphone, le système d’exploitation n’est certainement pas celle la plus en vue. En revanche la marque, le design, les services et en fin le prix bougent toutes les lignes. Mozilla, fait ses premiers pas dans le monde du mobile et a choisi principalement comme terrain d’action les pays émergents. Dans différents pays, qu’on soit en Afrique ou en Amérique Latine, le navigateur Firefox a bonne presse et monte en puissance en termes d’adoption aux dépens d’Internet Explorer. Au vue de cette réalité, un Smartphone

Miro 6 henceforth available to download

Since April 16, 2013 officially of Miro 6.0, includes performance improvements.  This means: speed improvements for launching Miro, navigating, downloading, and so on. And finally Miro has got a flash support for linux

Microsoft has released new update to replace KB2823324.

Following a set of issues encountered by customers regarding the recent KB2823324 update, henceforth the new update, KB2840149, still addresses the Moderate security issue described in MS13-036, is available to apply here. This means also if you have automatic updates