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Professionals, beware ,BlackBerry has released an important security advisory!

Connectikpeople has received now, a BlackBerry security advisory to address a vulnerability that affects the BlackBerry Universal Device Service installed by default with BlackBerry® Enterprise Service (BES) versions 10.0 to 10.1.2.
According to Blackberry, this vulnerability could potentially allow an

Intelligent cybersecurity solutions: Cisco definitely becomes one of the most important actors into the ecosystem.

Nowadays, the stakes around security threads go beyond the traditional concept. Henceforth more data, more users, data centers, endpoints, devices and networks are involved. In fact with the increasing demand of mobility, Cloud computing and advanced targeted attacks, the strategies must evolve. In this dynamic, Cisco has completed the acquisition of Sourcefire, a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions. This means, Cisco will provide: Comprehensive advanced threat protection portfolios, Cisco and Sourcefire customers

Mobile Security Survey: PayPal and the National Cyber Security Alliance (US) Unveil their Results.

The stakes around security on mobile are increasingly phenomenal, in terms of data and services available. Today, Connectikpeople has received this survey from a new Zogby Poll highlighting the latest trends, concerns and misperceptions around mobile security and commerce. The survey is in support of US National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), an effort that educates millions of people each year about the importance of online safety and security. According to this survey more than half of mobile consumers are comfortable using

IBM Cloud solutions have landed in West Africa via Surfline Communications.

Progressively, IBM weaves its web in Africa in terms of Cloud services. From South Africa, via Angola, Cameroon, Morocco to Ghana, this company is paving its way. With its Cloud Solutions which consist of IBM Power 770 and BladeCenter HS23 servers, IBM V7000 Storage systems, the PowerVM virtualization suite, Smart Cloud Monitoring, and Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM believes to Africa.   Henceforth telecommunications service provider Surfline Communications has selected an IBM cloud solution consisting of IBM servers, storage and software to help

Google announced for 2014, Google Summer of Code (for university students) and Google Code-in (for 13-17 year old students).

In the dynamic of its commitment to support open source software contributors, around the world, Connectikpeople has observed that, since 2005, Google has worked with about 10,000 students and over 440 open source projects in a variety of fields to create

Paiement en line : ce que vaut Amazon en octobre 2013.

L’écosystème des paiements en ligne est de plus en plus animé par une vive et solide concurrence. Des startups aux grands groupes d’e-commerce, chacun y va en fonction des innovations ou des améliorations à faire dans une niche bien donnée. L’objectif étant d’en finir avec la circulation du cash et d’offrir des solutions simples et personnalisées. Une startup comme Clinke par exemple, soutenue par le milliardaire Richard Branson,

Here is how the new Samsung GALAXY ROUND Curved Display Smartphone can help professionals.

Following the battle of announcements between LG and Samsung around Curved Display, finally Samsung has paved the way with GALAXY ROUND, the first Smartphone already available in Korea.
Regarding the specs and features, professionals, can harness: a curved 5.7-inch Full HD Super Flexible AMOLED display; the device weighs in at just 7.9mm thick and

Tech ,Finance and Startups: Gobstopper, TabbedOut, MongoDB, Swirl, Basis and Divide can now set its goals with new fundings.

For these series, Connectikpeole has captured more than $ 170 million raised by this set of startups: Gobstopper, TabbedOut, MongoDB, Swirl, Basis and Divide. Globally, with these fundings, these companies will develop, improve and expand their services. Gobstopper (launched in March of 2013 San Francisco-based e-reading platform), has raised $1.5 million in seed funding from Relay Ventures. For those who unfamiliar, Gobstopper is an educational reading