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Transform Work in the Cloud in our digital age, also, means=

The cloud in its multiple architectures increasingly excites and it worries less within businesses, large enterprises, organizations and governments. 
The stakes related to performance, enhanced productivity, flexibility and agility are at the hearth of excitements.
The cloud henceforth delivers unified solutions, technologies, standards and services that can redefine industries, advance secure collaboration and revolutionize enterprise mobility.
Clearly, Transform Work in the Cloud in our digital age, also, means:

Provide world-class technologies that transform how your organizations operate both internally and externally,
Seek better solutions to manage large volumes of information more intelligently and securely,
Help unlock actionable insights for use across the enterprise,
Content capture, extraction, analytics, case management and governance,
Collaborate to bring in-depth enterprise insights,
Master security technologies for threat detection, anomaly identification, mobile device manage…

Here is what matters when it comes to business processes and collaboration cloud-based platform.

Large enterprises and organization are progressively adopting business processes and collaboration cloud-based platforms that enable them to improve productivity, reduce costs, create, access and collaborate on their business documents, anywhere and anytime. 
Encouraging momentum that needs robust information governance controls to ensure all business information is being shared, preserved and disposed of in a manner that adheres to internal and external compliance mandates. salutes the arrival of Box Governance that offers three key capabilities including: Retention Management: automated policies to control the preservation and deletion schedules of your business documents. Content Security Policies: Prevent or flag downloads, uploads or sharing of sensitive information such as credit card numbers or social security numbers.Defensible eDiscovery: Identify and preserve documents and critical metadata while also preventing deletion of informati…

The Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) storage environment in our digital age.

To face high demands from multiple sources, new IT systems henceforth, require: extreme high performance, lower latency, reduced traffic between server and storage, and greater overall efficiency.
The Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) storage architecture paves henceforth its way when it comes to streamline this reality providing inter alia: high performance, lower latency, reduced traffic between server and storage, and greater overall efficiency when compared to traditional approaches.
The new Docker-based, Zadara Container Services (ZCS) for example, leverages the modular VPSA architecture to run applications within the storage itself, rather than running code in compute servers.

Open source integration technologies in our digital age.

Our digital age is synonym of flexibility, agility, seamless, personalization and enhanced productivity anywhere and anytime. The Shared services infrastructurespower by open sources technologies, play a critical role in this momentum. 
In fact, IT environments are more and more distributed and complex than ever before, resulting in unique and difficult challenges, when it comes to applications, data, and services integration that must be connected. 
Open source integration technologies bring more agility, control, seamless, flexibility, competitiveness and more security in our fast-paced digital age.
So, salutes the dynamic behind Red Hat's open source integration technologies when it comes to integrate internal environments, implementing the open standards-based integration platform enterprise-wide.