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Defensive Best Practices for Destructive Malware.

Image recalls that the National Security Agency (NSA)'s Information Assurance Directorate has released a report on Defensive Best Practices for Destructive Malware. This report details several steps network defenders can take to detect, contain and minimize destructive malware infections.

therefore, encourages users and administrators to review the NSA report and ICS-CERT TIP-15-022-01 for more information on destructive malware.

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Apps now available.

Mobile technologies and apps, unlocks new levels of convenience and accessibility, they enhance productivity and performance, and finally they truly transform how workers consume, process and use information and data in real-time and when they are outside the office. salutes the expansion of the IBM MobileFirst for iOS portfolio to address key priorities for the Banking and Financial Services, Airline and Retail industries. recalls that, these next IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions are available for business customization and deployment, and are delivered in a secure environment, embedded with analytics. 
The apps can be customized for any organization and easily deployed, managed and upgraded via cloud services from IBM specifically for iOS devices.

Six potential new growth areas for mobile operators.

With the surge of mobile apps, costs related to network deployments and a growing initiatives to bypass or isolate mobile operators when it comes to mobile internet, it is obvious that, the struggles of mobile operators will become more intense, and various and average revenue per user (ARPU) will be in continual decline. Mobile operators can no longer rely solely on the growth of data revenue.
This means inter alia that, more value-added services are the effective way to achieve sustainable growth. has identified six potential new growth areas for mobile operators including: digital content, VOD, M2M, mobile money, big data monetization, advertising, and enterprise cloud solutions. 
According to ABI Research there are a range of value-added services in M2M including device and connectivity management, application development, device cloud services, data management, analytics, device design / development, and professional / consulting services. 
Its recent report provid…

Cloud numbers in telecoms industry: the onoff App paves its way.

With this project, available in beta, one can inter alia experience the flexibility provided by the cloud computing capabilities. recalls that, the French-based app onoff allows you to use multiple numbers on one phone, that work with your regular SIM card and switch them ‘on’ or ‘off’ to control your availability instantly. 
The freedom to connect and disconnect, flexibility, privacy are among the main drivers your time and make it more flexible.

Learn how to evaluate a BI solution that is both flexible and secure for your organization.

Public data, enterprises data, historic data, personal data, social data and more; data are our most critical asset, that we need to collect, store, save, understand, correlate and communicate critical insights in real-time. 
In our perpetual quest, to help enterprises and organizations to answer their own questions with data, has captured a whitepaper which outlines critical focus points susceptible to help you, your team and your organization easily see and understand data. This whitepaper focuses on six key attributes of ‘’rapid-fire’’ business intelligence: SpeedSelf relianceVisual discoveryReal-time CollaborationBlend Diverse Data SetsFlexible and secure configurations

The Top 10 Imposter Scams of 2014

Image recalls that the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released an advisory describing the top 10 reported imposter scams for 2014. Scam operators often impersonate individuals, companies, and organizations to entice targets to participate in fraudulent financial transactions.
Users are encouraged to review the FTC advisory for details and refer to the US-CERT Tip ST04-014 for information on social engineering and phishing attacks.

Mobile internet in Africa and Middle Eastern: The 3G Firefox OS smartphones pave their way.

The excitement from young people is general in terms infatuation, social media, cloud, mobile videos, productivity and more. Overall in Africa it is easy to find a midrange smartphones from Asia under US$40, powered by Android.
iOS remains highly elitist , while Firefox OS, Tizen and android-based systems are almost unknown. 
Mobile operators such as Orange, MTN and others lead exciting initiatives, offers, and bundles to democratize access to the mobile internet and all the opportunities that that open up. 
Orange Klif digital offer for example starts from under US$40 (€35), inclusive of a smartphone, data, voice and text bundle. recalls that the 3G Firefox OS smartphone will be available from Q2 in thirteen of Orange’s markets in the region, including, but not limited to, Egypt, Senegal, Tunisia, Cameroon, Botswana, Madagascar, Mali, The Ivory Coast, Jordan, Niger, Kenya, Mauritius and Vanuatu.