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Clari’s Connect as an Intelligent Real-Time Messaging for Enterprise Sales Teams

At the center of stakes, we have:Machine Learning and Cross-Platform Messaging, Streamlined Deal Execution, challenges in sales team communication and collaboration on deals, enterprise-grade, bot-enhanced messaging experience, accurate, real-time information, productivity, to name a few. 
In effect, the public release of Connect aims to solve the challenges in sales team communication and collaboration on deals by enabling sales teams to communicate in a single, streamlined interface. 
Connectalso aims to combine the personal touch of human interaction with the convenience of automated, intelligent bots.

The most exciting in-Hadoop document database for developers

Developers should understand that, streamlined in-Hadoop document database delivers scalable applications that also leverage continuous analytics on real-time data, while enforcing strong consistency and data integrity. 
Native support for JSON documents which enables greater concurrency, higher performance, and more granular access controls than other technologies is recommended; like supports for a wide column data model and API to run existing Apache HBase™ applications faster and more reliably. 
MapR-DB, the MapR Platform is cementing its way in this vertical as a data platform built for NoSQL operations, Hadoop/Spark analytics, web-scale storage, and event stream processing in the same cluster.

A streamlined NoSQL database in our ever-connected world

Our ever-connected digital data-driven world is increasingly demanding in terms of suitable and reliable resources when it comes to manage the vast amount of unstructured and structured data generated in real-time from multiple sources.
A streamlined NoSQL database in this environment can bring peace in minds with credible support for large and complex deployments.
A streamlined NoSQL database can bring its unique capability by running NoSQL operations, Hadoop analytics, and event stream processing in the same cluster. 
Its ability to support petabyte scalability, integration with Hadoop, data consistency, multimaster replication, and responsive data access is a game-changer; like using NoSQL database for many use cases, including a 360-degree view of customer, fraud detection, social networking, gaming, big data analytics, mobile, and IoT, to name a few.