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HP Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Lean: context, realities and stakes.

The infrastructure-as-a-service solutions remain less understood and appropriated within enterprises. There are many reasons related to this reality including marketing, lack of relevant communication and lack of maturity of this cloud architecture in terms of productivity and functionalities. 
In our ever challenging context where enterprises need productivity and security, simplicity and the end-to-end competitiveness, HP’s new offering announces lighter workloads for mid-sized and enterprise-level businesses such as application development and test environments and workplace collaboration solutions, while also enabling quick onboarding times and the ability to add features on demand.
It is also natural to observe that HP Helion Managed VPC Lean focuses on regionalized cloud for data sovereignty, low latency, compliance, high availability, security and a variety of continuity options.

The HP-VMware networking solution: context and opportunities.

Federated  and intuitive ,affordable and integrated networking solutions designed to provide organizations unified automation of, and visibility into, your physical and virtual data center networks, are always welcome; because they can deliver agility, productivity, visibility, security, flexibility and scalability, organizations need in real-time to streamline their operations., soon #Retinknow, can observe that HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller with the VMware NSX™ network virtualization platform can provide an integrated approach to automating your physical and virtual network infrastructure. 
The networking solution can provide a centralized view, unified automation, visibility and control of the complete data center network, improving agility, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Simplify the deployment of Oracle-based solutions, from mid-sized customers to large scale enterprises.

In our ever changing challenging business environments, it is obvious that, IT decision-makers (ITDMs) need in real-time: simplified, flexible, tailored, secure, scalable and seamless IT environments. They need great capabilities to capture insights to critical business data to run their businesses more effectively.
Organizations need technologies and methodologies to move faster without infrastructure downtime; low-latency access to data; quickly respond to their unique business needs. Henceforth, Dell promises a purpose-built Integrated System designed specifically for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. with this comprehensive solution, IT decision-makers (ITDMs) can experience streamlined implemention for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

Dell Storage Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Pending the availability of (Dell Storage SC Series) in this fall and all customers in early 2015,, soon #Retinknow is particularly seduced by Dell Storage Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager ,because it focuses on : visibility and relationship information between database files, hosts, storage arrays, and storage volumes that Database administrators need in real-time. 
Overall, thesolution can provide Oracle Database administrators with visibility into their storage infrastructure with actionable metrics to help identify storage bottlenecks and issues.
You can also benefit from relationship information between database files, hosts, storage arrays, and storage volumes that can provide timely information to troubleshoot Oracle storage environments quickly and effectively.

Open source tools in our ever challenging and digital world.

We need simplicity, productivity, security, intuitive-interfaces, mobility and competitiveness anytime and anywhere. These expectations are progressively fulfilled by the new IT Convergence based on the Open source tools and technologies. With Open source tools and technologies, we appropriate trusting software tools, meaning that, we are able to inspect and modify in real-time their source code.
With Open source tools and technologies we also talk about distributed applications. Open source tools are affordable, scalable, agile, and flexible and they can be modified and extended anytime and anyway. With the Open source tools, you can collaborate seamlessly and in real-time., soon #Retinknow encourages businesses, organizations and public sector to adopt the open source architecture when it comes to streamline and appropriate their IT resources and human capital.

Oracle Applications Cloud Release 9: satkes, realities and opportunities., soon #Retinknow salutes the latest release of Oracle Applications Cloud. This release is encouraging because it focuses on: personalization, connectivity and security, in order to deliver complete and sophisticated functionality in the cloud.
It is important to recall that Oracle has expanded the Oracle Customer 2 Cloud program to Oracle ERP customers. This program enables Oracle’s on-premises customers to move current support to modern cloud applications and helps customers be successful through rapid startup services and packaged integrations.
Also available in Oracle HCM Cloud Release 9 are new Work Life solutions, social applications designed to help reach and engage an organization’s entire workforce, especially Millennials.
Oracle also is expanding its portfolio of Oracle Product Value Chain Cloud solutions with Oracle Innovation Management Cloud and Oracle Product Development Cloud.

A subscription-based movie startup, an e-commerce analytics startup and a consumer robotics startup.

Henceforth via the explanation available here, you can deeply improve your knowledge, when it comes to technological startups and funding landscape, technological enterprises and innovators across the world.
MoviePass, (Founded in 2011, a subscription-based movie startup), has raised $2.2 million in a Series A round led by Chris Kelly and Structure Capital with participation from previous investors AOL Ventures, True Ventures, Lambert Media, Moxie Pictures,Brian Lee, Diego Berdakin, MJ Eng, Ryan Steelber, and Adam Lilling. MoviePass charges users $30/month for a pass to participating movie theaters. MoviePass has raised nearly $3 million to date and will use the latest funding to recruit additional movie theaters and work on including other potential services.
Qubit,( Founded in 2010 , an e-commerce analytics startup based in London), has raised $26 million in a Series B round led by Accel Partners